Friday, March 19, 2010

Bridal Expo 2010

This past February, the Savannah Civic Center hosted their 20th anniversary GA Bridal Show. Walking up, there was a line of "to-be" bride's with their hot pink Bride sticker displayed for recognition, some with their fiances and several with friends and family members, wrapped around the side of the building (you can somewhat see the line in the background of this picture!).
Inside, booths consisted of information regarding honeymoons, wedding registry's, photographers/videographers, caterers/wedding planners, d.j.'s, and even dental whitening, royal restrooms, and some device that shrinks your tummy. A little overwhelmed,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Ring!!!

During one of his many trips for work to Savannah in September 09, he and his dad swung by the mall and met with a jeweler at Helzberg Diamonds. After choosing the ring that I had picked out back in April 09, he brought it home and locked it away in his safe deposit box. He had it for approximately 3 months before he finally made his move (chicken!).

the BARN: our wedding/reception "venue"

This is the barn of our dear ole friend Steve Warnell. He has given us the opportunity to have our wedding/reception in his backyard ;) For now, we have decided to have an outdoor wedding right in front of the barn and the reception will he held in a tent located on the right side [as well as inside the barn]. We have big plans and I'd love to share all of our ideas... but it'd spoil the big day!

WANTED: Mason Jars

Since we are doing an outdoorsy/barn-themed wedding, we have decided to incorporate mason jars into the theme. If anyone has any they would like to get rid of, we would be more than happy to take them off of your hands! We are looking for the clear pint sized [16-oz] jars, but the smaller 8-oz [half-pint] jars would be accepted as well. Please let me know if you or anyone you know may have these!

Here are some ideas we may use the mason jars for:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Engagement/Wedding Photographer

Ok, so I have looked at every possible photographer from Savannah to California it seems. I am having trouble narrowing down which one I like the absolute best. I love the odd angled pictures, those capture-the-moment kinda things, unlike the norm. I want a photographer that will be able to spend the entire day with us on our wedding day. One that will meet with us prior to the wedding date to see how we interact with one another and get an idea for the type of pictures we are interested in as well. We want to go ahead and schedule a session to take engagement pictures this Spring while the fields are full of flowers. Take a moment to visit these links and tell me your thoughts.

Here are a few that are at the top of my list: