Thursday, February 24, 2011

wedding wednesday's: wedding bands

I think we are behind schedule in regards to purchasing our wedding bands.
It's crossed my mind a few times early on, but recently I've been focused on the bigger things that rings have completely slipped my mind.
It was only due to a friends FB status {today} about hers that it even rang a bell. Ummm, hellooo?, you have to FIND and ORDER a wedding band!

First off, Cliff and I hardly ever go into town.
And if we do, it's for me to go to clinicals and for him to go for work purposes.

In other words, it's HARD to make a trip to Savannah just to look at wedding bands.
And now that gas is $3.29 a gallon here, I don't believe that'll be happening any time soon.

Soo, I started browsing online for this one band I fell in love with a while ago.

Problem: I can't find the darn thing anywhere.

This is the little beaut...
it looks more like it fits a round cut rather than square.
Or this one...

I'm honestly not sure that either will fit or look good with my square princess radiant star solitaire!

But, I'm really digging this style!


Do any of you have these bands? If so, WHERE did you get them from?

For the mister, he's fairly simple.

Plain.and.silver. were the only recommendations.

Simple enough? 

Or this?

I wish we were that simple! Geeeee ♥

auction night ♥

Tonight is our weekly auction in town. 

I used to honestly think my Grandpa was a crazy hoarder..
 he went to the auction every week...
bought weedeater upon weedeater, nails, nails, and guess what? more nails...
junk, junk, and more flat.out.junk.

However, I didn't realize it was such a big deal until I had the pleasure of going about two years ago.

It's not a big's an addiction.


The saying goes "one man's junk is another man's treasure".

I bought this desk for a whopping $7.50 over the summer.
I don't have an up-to-date picture of the finished project. 
I sanded it down & stained  it with a dark walnut.
I use it for a craft/study desk now.

These were last weeks buys. ($4 for the entire box)
I spray painted a few of these bad boys white..



and touched up the others, then added some vinyl!

{available for purchase on our website}

The week before, I brought home this wooden tray ($2).. 
I didn't have a clue what I was going to use it for at first, but I think it found a nice little home on my kitchen counter.

I have a ton of pictures to take of more of my "auction" items that I've collected over the past year!

I'll be uploading my deals up as I photograph them :)

Tonight, imagine this...

the auctioneer himself..
and here's little ole' me...throwing up my number every few minutes..

well, minus the boobage that is.
I wasn't that blessed in that category.

Alright now, I'm gone bidding!

Cheers ♥

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a new obsession.

{Presto Pink 210}

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color

One-stroke application.

One-coat coverage.

Dries in 60 seconds!

Perfectionist BrushTM delivers a fast, flawless application that dries to a shiny finish in 60 seconds.

Available in 32 irresistible shades!

Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde free.

Can we say ah-mazing? Yes, I literally carry this around in my purse.
The tip is rectangular-shaped which allows for single stroke application.
You must try it out!
Price= $4.00 at Walmart!

Monday, February 14, 2011

kitchen revamping

tr.v. re·vamped, re·vamp·ing, re·vamps. 1. To patch up or restore; renovate.

Some of you may know, but many of you may not.
Over my blogging break (during Sep-Dec 10'), I was busy starting up a vinyl personalization business with my MIL.
Three weeks before Christmas, we decided to open up a storefront in our hometown & set up temporarily for local customers.

It was a HUGE success.

Because of the high interest in our products, we set up an online store as well.

After a month or so, we nailed the perfect web design for our boutique!

Because of this business, I have the opportunity to create new home decor using some of our materials!
I then take pictures of the products and post them on our website!

Recently, I was browsing the internet and came across the perfect idea for our NEW chalkboard vinyl!

I cut out the shapes & applied them to our Antique Finished Canister Set!
Canister set is available for purchase on our website.
Or purchase a sheet of pre-cut labels for easy application!

I took a 12x24" sheet and applied it directly to our kitchen wall for a grocery/to-do list.
I have since decided that I wanted to use it as a display for a weekly bible verse for daily encouragement!

If you want to do a incredibly simple, easy, and quick revamp in your home,
these 12x24" sheets are also available on our website.

If you want labels..

Other ideas you can use this chalkboard vinyl for:

We are getting a new shipment of chalkboard vinyl this week! SO excited!

happy valentine's day! ♥ ♥

Happy Valentine's Day!

1 Corinthians 13:13
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is lve.

The fiance and I are hoping for a romantic evening at home after I get done with my meeting.
We opted for the same menu we had a few years back: grilled rib eye steaks, baked potato, & tossed salad. We discussed not buying each other anything since we are on a tight budget with our wedding up ahead & me trying to graduate. Sadly enough, I still need to make him a card and a little something something. Just not sure what yet..? I have school from 1:30-4:30, then meeting at 7. Looks like I better get busy or Mr. C won't be getting any Valentine's.

 Lastly, I apologize for not finishing up my 14 day L.O.V.E. challenge with Summer! The beau and I both have to use this one computer. Since he is in grad school, his workload has hence increased and he is using the computer A LOT. Which leaves me trying to find time in between to post!

What did you buy/make for your significant other for V-Day?!

Friday, February 11, 2011

bathroom mirror makeover

Everything in our master bathroom is white, tan, or brown... that is was, besides this old BLACK framed mirror.

Little Bella decided one of the corners was a chew toy after a long, boring day being stuck home alone.

I began by taping over the mirror with old newspaper.

{Please excuse our 1925 styled rug. Our living room is under major reconstruction and it covers up the HUGE stain on the original carpet. Plus, with all the tracking in and out the back door, it is the recipient of all of our muddy shoes. :)}

Next I took it on the back porch, laid down more newspaper and went to spray painting.

 {again, normally...the door knob isn't usually covered with tape, nor do we have two-toned carpet and a massive white splotch on our lightly pinkish walls...hehe- I can not wait for this living room project to be FINISHED}

I used Krylon Fusion White ~$4.79

Once dry, I used some scrap twine {that I also used for this project} to make the flowery swirl & hanging loop.

To cover up Miss Bella's damage, I wrapped twine in a small tight circle until the desired size was needed. I hot glued the back of the flower and stuck it in place on the right corner.

To hang, I simply cut a portion of twine, flipped over the mirror and hot glued both ends down.

Stuck a hercules hook in the wall..

And....drum roll please....