Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wishful wednesday.

Good Morning!

I wanted to share my excitement with you all! Yesterday afternoon, my wedding planners [my mom, cousin, & mother-in-law-to-be] and I went to check out another wedding venue.

Yes, I change my mind. A lot.

But, I think the decision is in the best interest of us all.

If you haven't been following along, let me update you for just a moment.

I am planning a wedding for June 10, 2011- It's a Friday evening.

We are shooting for 7 o'clockish. 

Well, the weather down here in South Georgia at this time of year is HOTTTTT. And I mean 100+ hot. 

To be exact, June 10th of this year was 100 degrees w/ a heat index of 115 at 7 o'clock in the afternoon.

Anywho, I am obsessed with outdoor weddings and would love to have one.

My honey & I love the outdoors, from hunting, fishing, gardening, etc.

So, during this past hunting season, we were at a friends home when I discovered his awesome barn in the backyard.

My brain started churning and I was picturing our wedding ceremony/reception just the way I wanted it.

We had an old rustic barn look, we could spice it up with some hot pink satin curtains, have the ceremony out front with the white wooden chairs, lace the big oak trees on each side with white Christmas lights, have the food down the center of the barn, the loft for a few sitting tables, and then a tent set-up outside for the dance floor, cake cutting, and so on. 

this June 100+ degree weather came about.

Where the ceremony would be, there is no shade. 

My family & friends would literally melt.

So, I've reconsidered my entire train of thought. 

I began researching a few more areas.

On the way to work one morning, I saw a road sign on the street I work on.

I went home that night, researched one last place and fell in love.

Yesterday afternoon we took a stroll down to this same place to take a look.

It was perfect. 

The problems that we were questioning at our friend's barn, was taken care of at this place.

There was cemented floors and not dirt. There was bathrooms. There was a kitchen. There was a place for the girls to get dressed. There was plenty of lighting. There was a walk way. There was plenty of shade. Some outdoors fans. Plenty of beautiful flowers and scenery. 

There was a BARN. A place for a tent. It had it all. Everything I was hoping for, plus some.

This picture is off of my phone, and it doesn't give it justice. But you get the idea.

I "wish" on this wishful Wednesday, that everything will work out for the absolute best,

and that we will be able to have our ceremony & reception at this beautiful place! 

I can't wait to tell you more.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


It's that time again.

Sunday Funday over at MannLand5.

Here are the questions.

Link up & join in on the fun!

1.If you had 5000.00 to spend on plastic surgery what would you have done? 
  • Well, these ta-ta's could use a little additional "stuff".  Maybe after I have kids.
2. Do you watch Soap operas and if so what is your favorite and why? 
  • I barely watch t.v. at all.
3. Favorite clothing brand? 
  • If it fits, it's bought. I have no preference on brand. 
4. An afternoon shopping spree at your favorite store or maid service for a year? 
  • Shopping spreeee. I'm so far behind on the latest trends. And the sad thing is, I'm in love with all of the cute outfits and sandals that are coming out this year and I have yet to make time to check them all out!
5. would you ever vajazzle? 
  • I have never heard of such, so I did my research. Wow. I'll have to pass on this one. Click here to check it out.
6. Favorite Disney Princess? 
  • You know, I've never been the Disney kinda girl. I can tell you bits and pieces of the different princess movies, but that's about it. If I had to choose, I'd probably have to go with Cinderella. 
7. Last movie that made you bawl your eyes out? 
  • Flicka 2. I love anything to do with horses. I fell in love with the first movie of the series last year. When Cliff & I decided to have a movie night a few weekends ago, we rented Flicka 2. The movie wasn't even that sad, and I was bawling. I'm such a big baby. 
8. Have you ever broken any bones and if so what? 
  • I have. I broke my left thumb playing softball back in the day. I slid into third base and it bent backwards behind me. It broke my growth plate and they had to put a pin in it. I sported a blue cast for several weeks. 

Last night I had a few girls over to catch up, drink some wine, and eat pizza.

We never got to the eating pizza part, but we did manage the catching up and drinking wine. It was fun! 

Over & out boy scouts!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

meet my lovely ladies.

[the poems you will read were typed on card stock and sent out as "will you be my bridesmaid" invites. check out my previous post to catch the sneak peak on that!]


Here they are... 

Meet Amy

Maid of Honor- High School Friend of the Bride: 

You have always been there, more than just a friend.
You know just who I am and everywhere I've been.
You're the one who I can turn to, any hour of the day.
Seems, I only have to think of you and you'll be on your way.
No matter where life takes me, no matter where I roam.
When I'm with you my friend, my heart feels right at home.
So on my wedding day, I will need you more than ever.
Please be my maid of honor now....and my friend forever.
Will you be my Maid of Honor?!

Meet Jenny

Bridesmaid- Sister of the Groom:

The day that I marry, our families will blend,
you'll be my sister and also my friend.
It's so very special to know you will be,
a part of this day, a bridesmaid for me.
It's just the beginning, of our brand new life.
as your brother and I, become man and wife.
Thank you for adding to my joy.

Will you be my bridesmaid?

Meet Brooke

Bridesmaid- College Friend of the Bride:

Our friendship just gets better, through every passing year.
But it really has been this one, that I hold truly dear.
In helping with my wedding, and knowing you will be,
sharing in this day, by standing up for me.
You've taken something special, and added from your heart,
all the things that made us friends, right from the very start.
And though our lives are changing, our friendship will stay true.
This my heart will count on, as my life begins anew.
Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life.
Will you be my bridesmaid, please?

Meet Taylor

Bridesmaid- Cousin of the Bride:

On the day that I marry this wonderful man,
I hope by my side you will proudly stand.
It's meant so much to have you near,
so many things have changed this year.
The one thing on which I could always depend,
was endless love from you my friend.
Thank you for all the support that you lend,
but mostly I thank you for being my friend.
Will you be my bridesmaid?

Meet Arien

Junior Bridesmaid- First Cousin of the Bride:

To ready for a wedding there's just so much to do,
from choosing bridesmaid's dresses, to finding something blue.
I see so very clearly, how this weddings only one,
of the many times you've helped me, when things needed to be done.
Simply to say thank you, just doesn't seem to share,
the feelings here inside me, when I see how much you care.
You are so very special and my heart is grateful for
the friendship that we share and will be forevermore.
Thank you for adding joy to my life.
Will you be my junior bridesmaid?

Meet Madison

Junior Bridesmaid- Sister of the Groom

The day that I marry, our families will blend,
you'll be my sister and also my friend.
It's so very special to know you will be,
a part of this day, a bridesmaid for me.
It's just the beginning, of our brand new life.
as your brother and I, become man and wife.
Thank you for adding to my joy.
Will you be my junior bridesmaid?

Meet Ally

Junior Bridesmaid- Cousin of the Bride

To ready for a wedding there's just so much to do,
from choosing bridesmaid's dresses, to finding something blue.
I see so very clearly, how this weddings only one,
of the many times you've helped me, when things needed to be done.
Simply to say thank you, just doesn't seem to share,
the feelings here inside me, when I see how much you care.
You are so very special and my heart is grateful for
the friendship that we share and will be forevermore.
Thank you for adding joy to my life.

Meet Hannah

Flowergirl- Cousin of the Bride:

You are so very young, but the years will pass by
and you'll too be a bride, in the blink of an eye.
While you may not remember, the day that I married,
the part that you played, or the basket you carried.
There will be a day, that will burn bright like an ember.
The day you will wed, you will always remember.
So here is a hankie, for the day you will say....
"I need "something old" for my wedding day".
All My Love Sweetheart.

Hannah's "will you be my bridesmaid" card was a little different than the other girls. With her's she got a little gift. I ordered a woman's hankie and got her initials embroidered in hot pink with my wedding date underneath. 

Take a look:

Friday, June 25, 2010

will you be my bridesmaid?

Asking your close friends and family members to be a part of your wedding day is one of the first fun things you get to do at the beginning of the wedding planning process. Some can absolutely not wait to and ask immediately after the engagement, some wait a few days to make a special phone call or some sit down with a friend at dinner. Me, I like to put a little creativity into everything. So, I thought, what better way than to make them a keepsake to send thru the mail to all of my chosen girls in order to remember this one time occasion?! So this is what I did. I thumbed through my old stack of card stock for scrapbooking and found as many sheets of chocolate brown and hot pink as I could. I googled "bridesmaid poems" and printed them out on the hot pink card stock sheets.

With a little cutting here, and pasting there, this was the final product.
The girls are getting them in the mail!
I've already got phone calls & texts from my little ladies :)

Tomorrow is "Meet the Ladies". Come back to check it out!

10 cute ideas for asking friends to be a bridesmaid or maid/matron of honor:

  1. DIY Bridesmaid card: create a paper chain with the amount of bridesmaids you are asking to be in your wedding. customize each paper girl with the hairstyle of your lovely ladies. check it out in full detail by clicking here!     
  2. You can buy a Bridesmaid's Handbook and present it to her. It's filled with all the tips of a bridesmaid's duties, from speeches and toasts to how to throw a party and beauty tips.
  3.  Send your friends a Be My Bridesmaid Cookie!
Customize individual wine glasses
You can either ask your friends to dinner at a favorite restaurant &
give these out as gifts for them to open all together. 
Or, invite them over for a girl's wine night and have them open the glasses all together then.

 5.  Mail out cute individual sayings on card stock to each chick in the colors of your wedding theme.

 You can label it on the inside/back with a Tim McGraw "Check yes or no" format. Or, include the details regarding your big day: location, date & time, and maybe a picture of the bridesmaid dress you have chosen for them, or the name of the store you will be buying them from.

6. Create a "will you be my bridesmaid?" crossword puzzle card.
click here for the DIY instructions.

7.  Purchase "The Maidens" t-shirt (or another kind, of course) and drop them in the mail. Most of your girls will be local, you could even drop some by on the front porch while they aren't home. Everyone loves getting a surprise package in the mail or seeing one on the front porch.

8. Find an old picture of you & your gal pal (preferably one that could be used as black-mail). Then, create a greeting card asking your friend to be in your wedding party. 

 9. Since most of your girls are probably local again, invite them to dinner and drinks on you. 
Take a few moments to make a toast, and before toasting ask them to be your bridesmaids. 
You can all toast to one big "yes!"
10. Treat the most important ladies in your life to a group pedicure...while relaxed and enjoying each others company, express to them that only your bridesmaids deserve the utmost treatment!
They'll flip out right then and there!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

weekend recap

Saturday was a busy day for me. I babysat overnight Friday, so I stayed with my two little darlings until their parents arrived home about 10am Saturday morning. I left from there and went straight uptown to help my Dad finish up at his store. Ate lunch with him & Mom, then came home to clean up a bit and get ready for a bridal shower for a friend of mine, April. Such a great shower! I really like the idea of a drop-in shower thing. You get a chance to mingle & chit-chat a lot more :) Anyhow, after the shower, I came home picked up my darling and we headed to Tybee Island. For Father's Day, we decided to go ahead and take my Dad out to eat at the Crab Shack so Sunday he could relax and do whatever he wanted to do. He had been hinting along and along that he wanted to go. Every time somebody would pass him by with their t-shirt on, he would comment "that must be a really good place to eat!". And it was! It was packed out! 

Dad's seafood platter!

My love & I
So Sunday rolls around. We wake up at the crack of dawn [6ish at least] and decide to order breakfast to take to Cliffs Dad and family. After breakfast we did a quick change of clothes and got ready for church. 
I love a lazy Sunday. After church, we grilled a few hamburgers & lounged around in the pool for hours.

Next stop, my Dad's.
I wasn't feeling the low country boil [since I stuffed myself with boiled shrimp and crab legs the night before at the Crab Shack], so I drove my little truck into town and picked up a few items. Watermelons= check! Condensed milk= check!

I decided I was going to make homemade ice cream [with the help of my father, of course]. This is somewhat of a little family tradition. Every summer, on numerous random occasions, we make homemade ice cream. Howeverrrrr, when my Mom read me the recipe over the phone, we had everything but evaporated milk. So at the grocery store, along with my watermelons, I was going to grab a few cans of evaporated milk............
HA, my poor pea memory got the best of me yet again. I bought 5 half sized cans of condensed milk! Gracious me!

Believe it or not, I got pretty lucky. Our two next door neighbors (my Grandma and Aunt) both had one can each of evaporated milk! Success!!

Since the lightening/thundering was carrying on outside, we took the ice cream-making process into our big shed.
The recipe is delicious! You have to give it a try. 

All you need is:

Sunday, June 20, 2010


To play, copy & paste these questions and then skip on over to MannLand5 and link up at the bottom of her post!

Happy Father's Day to all!

The questions..

1. While at the beach, pool, etc..Do you cover up your assets or show them off? As of now, I show them off. Now, in about 10 years...that may be a different story.

2. Road trips or Plane trips? Road trips. I just recently took a trip to the Bahamas where we had to hop on three different planes there & three different planes on the way home. NOT my cup of tea. I'd rather be on steady ground!

3. I can't stand it when...? on the weekends, like today, I can't sleep past 7 o'clock. Knowing that we have a full day ahead of us, I am up at the slightest crack of dawn. Although, I do like being an early riser. The first thing I do every morning as soon as my feet hits the ground is open up all of the blinds and let the light shine in! I loveee everything about early mornings.

4. Have you ever gone topless at the beach? Big negative.

5. How many blog carnivals do you do a week? Just this one :( I need to find more one-on-one time with my computer and blog. I love this kind of stuff!

6. My favorite thing about the weekend is...? Flip-flops, shorts, and being outside!

7. Pancakes or waffles? Either. I'd probably choose pancakes over waffles at a restruant. But, I pop a few waffles in the toaster for breakfast during the week days.

8. Water Park or Amusement Park? Water park. As the years go by, I've found myself being unable to fully enjoy roller coasters due to motion sickness kicking in. It's sad because I reallllllyyy loved them as a child.