Saturday, October 23, 2010

hunting season so far.

Last weekend marked opening day for dog hunting/rifle season in our neck of the woods! Saturday morning at our hunting club, this young fella score this 8 point in one single shot! Lucky joker!

Wednesday was our next opportunity to dog hunt. Cliff went down into the bay area in one block & came out with this here buckaroo.

 Too bad you can't tell what he is! Cliff shot his horns clean off! He thinks he may have been a 4 point, but he really doesn't know for certain, hah. Guess the saying is true "you can't eat the horns!".

After lunch we had been chasing a 6 point back and forth across the block when he finally got into the bay & we had to drive around to the other side of the club to get ahead of him. As we're driving in a line of four trucks back to back, someone yells on the c.b. "deer, deer out your window!". We all slam the trucks in park and jump out while one of the guys in the truck in front of us points his gun & starts shooting. The darn buck had been laying beside the road and as we rode by we spooked him! No dogs were running him, no nothing. One heck of a 6 point. Huge body on this deer & his horns were super thick!

Friday evening rolled around and we decided to go hunting at Mr. Alan's {Cliff's dad}. Two out of the four shot and killed bucks!

Cliff killed his biggest buck yet to date!

He was a young buck believe it or not. His body size was definitely not proportional to his 17 inch spread! He will be hanging on our wall in a few short months!

Mr. Alan killed a 3 point at the same time Cliff was shooting at his.

In the midst of all the shooting going on between these two fellas, my brother sends me a text saying he had just downed a buck too! Him and my Dad were hunting at a different place about 15 miles down the road. Cody hasn't been able to go hunting hardly at all this season due to playing college baseball. He's a lucky man too!

Today we ran dogs at another club we are members of. No luck for us, but my brother just sent in another text of this joker!

Him & my Dad are at our other club today hunting. Cody missed out opening day due to baseball games out of town so this is his first opportunity to go dog hunting! He has a horseshoe up his behind at all times!

As of now, Cliff & I had to leave the club early to drive a few hours away for our dear friends, Brooke & Joedee's, engagement party! We'll be back tomorrow :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend ♥

Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

thankful thursday ♥

{1} Late last night my Dad called me up to tell me a few things, one of which I was incredibly shocked to hear. I don't know the full story, just bits & pieces, but a high school friend of mine, Aaron, was supposedly playing pool Saturday night when someone slammed him down on either the pool table or the floor..not really sure! But, I do know that he received a skull fracture and has some hemorrhaging taking place inside the brain. I immediately came home and messages his Mother on FB last night to tell her of my concern and that I would be praying for them. She wrote me back within minutes and let me know that the doctor had just left saying that the skull CT showed the blood clot had decreased in size, which was a definite answered prayer but that Aaron was still in LOTS of pain from the incident. I am thankful he is stable at the moment and things weren't any worse than they are! Please join in & say a quick prayer for a full recovery!
 {this is Aaron}

{2} I am thankful I have the day off today! I really need the alone time to sit down and focus on studying for an OB test next Tuesday!

{3} I am thankful that ALL 33 miners were rescued safely in Chile! What an amazing thing!

{4} I am thankful that Dad, Mom, and I had a safe trip to and from Atlanta {3.5-4 hours away} for my first dress fitting! It fit as snug as a bug in a rug! Seriously, that's exactly what I felt like. Sure hope I steer clear of those extra few pounds this holiday season ;)

{5} I am thankful for prayer & just how powerful it really is. These special people are asking for prayers to be sent to them & their families: Meredith, Ashley, Jessica, & Aaron {mentioned above}.

{6} I am thankful for these special people in my life!


 {best friends}

Happy Thursday Y'all! ♥

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wedding wednesday's: cake tasting & dress fitting

240 days to go! 

There's not much going on in the wedding world around here lately. We've been busy working on guests favors & little what-nots, but that's about it. Our biggest concern at this point is reception catering and the wedding cakes. Last Wednesday we had appointment #2 with a separate cake caterer than previously. The place we went to actually made our engagement party cake and has made several, several cakes for several members of Cliff's family for years now. So, we knew the quality of the cake and how good it tastes already! We were just hunting for the best overall price! If you don't remember, a few months back I went to cake tasting #1 and my total was about $100 over budget.

Cake place #2 was $1 over budget.

I think we will go with the #2 option ;)

As you are currently reading, my Mother and I are on our way to Atlanta for my first dress fitting! Ahh!
It came in a few weeks ago and this is the first day we've had available to make a trip up there.
I truly hope it fits! Wouldn't that be something?!

Here's my checklist for the month of October:

Save-the-dates alreadyyyy?? I was thinking more like 6 months! 

How many months before did you send out save-the-dates?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

blogging funk.

Well hello my dearest bloggers! I have not forgotten about you all must you know. However, I have found myself in quite a blogging funk lately. It's not that I don't have anything to write about, because I can find plenty to share.. but more of a time management issue. Ya see, hunting season is in full swing and our wedding is 8 months away and steadily counting backwards. Ohh, and nursing school you ask? It's coming along. Rather than having two days worth of classes it has now been moved to just Tuesdays with an online class. Which I am NOT complaining about whatsoever. I start my OB/Mother-Baby clinicals this week {Friday}! Soo, amongst class & studying, tidying up the house, spending time with the fella, hunting with Dad, and trying to organize/finalize a few wedding projects I just haven't found much time to sit down at the computer. Do know that I am reading and trying to keep up with you all on a fairly regular basis, even if I'm unable to comment on each new post! I'm still in dire search of this whole routine thing, and I just can't seem to get it in gear as of yet. But I'm working on it.

Onto a better subject, I finally got my first deer of the season Sunday afternoon! I loaded up my CAR and went hunting all by myself. I drove over to our hunting club {which I haven't hunted at any this year so far}, found a spot, parked my car, & climbed! I was a little paranoid knowing I was by myself, but I could clearly see my car from up in the tree. After sweating to near death, I happened to look up from playing on my phone and he was standing about 30 yards looking straight at me! Mind you this is the first deer I've seen all season and I've been going consistently since the end of September. I had never had the opportunity to shoot a black powder gun until then and didn't realize that once you shot a massive ring of smoke immediately appeared. I caught a final glimpse of him running off, but had no idea whether or not I even came close once I pulled the trigger. I got down about 7o'clock and found his track where he entered the woods. I began walking along the windrows and never saw even a speck of blood. I just kept walking to where I had last saw the glimpse of him and there he was lying a few rows to my right! YAY! I can now say that I don't need any guy to take me hunting! This here girl did it ALL by herself :)

{taken from a friends camera}

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

weekend festivities ♥


It was our last day of pediatric clinical's unfortunately.
We decided to snap a few pictures prior to hitting the floor. 

 {Brooke & I}
 {Our group with our clinical instructor}
 {Amanda, Brooke, & I- all three engaged!}
 [Before going in to surgery, Matt & I]
As I mentioned last Friday, my Saturday morning began at 9 a.m. with clinical's at Silver Lining [a community organization for Alzheimer's patients to interact with one another and engage in arts/crafts, singing, exercises, etc.]. Welllllll, for some reason or another the assisted living facilities had some vehicle malfunctions & the other was told it had been canceled for the weekend. So we only ended up with about four-five participants! [Which worked out well for us because we got to leave two hours early! Whoooo!]

Saturday evening we attended a wedding a little over an hour away. The venue was on a hunting plantation with several hundred acres, numerous ponds, cute cottages, and a fancy little lodge. I didn't take pictures throughout the ceremony, unfortunately. But I did snag a few during cocktail hour/reception. 
This little boy in the pictures is related to the groom, I was pretty much his girlfriend for the night!
And, I wore my new dress!

Most of y'all know Jessica from Stilettos & A Fishing Pole!

I caught my first bouquet!

The bride, Brycelyn.


We went to church with Cliff's mom for "pack the pews", ate lunch with his dad & family after church, spent the remainder of the afternoon studying before hitting the woods with my Dad.
Of course, I have the worst luck ever... and I caused us to actually jump the only deer in the block [obviously] while walking into the woods! We climbed a few hundred yards apart and still failed to see anything! 

While heading back home, we turned the corner as a bunch of wild hogs were crossing the road. 
Ditto, one took a nose dive underneath the truck :/
Oh, and let me mention... they came directly out of the road we had been hunting originally!
I'm telling ya, I have this much luck: {0}. 

Four of us piled up and went hunting this evening. Only 1 out of the 4 saw something. He saw 5 different deer, shot 3 different times, but didn't cut a hair! Said there were still deer all around him after her shot clean out of ammunition! Really??? Can I just catch a glimpse of a deer!?

Wish me luck people! 
I'm going to try again tomorrow evening!

Friday, October 1, 2010

it's Friday!

We have a wedding to attend on Saturday afternoon for this cute couple

& I am fresh out of (new) clothes to wear. So, I ventured off to the mall on Thursday prior to clinical's and after browsing frantically through approximately 5 stores, this is what I found....

only $19.99 at Sear's!


I received a FREE cotton hip hugger panty card in the mail from VictoriasSecret last week, so I swung by there as well to pick up my free panties ;)


THEN, I hit Charlotte Russe and found these adorable earrings for only $2.99!

I am off to my last day of Pediatric Clinical's today until 7ish! I have enjoyed every minute of it! 
Next week, we begin our OB rotation on the Mother-Baby unit!
Which I am excited about as well :)

Tomorrow I have Community Clinical's at a local church near our campus. 
The group is called "Silver Lining" & elderly folks diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease come every Saturday morning from 9-2pm for a little get-a-away. We read the newspaper, sing hymns, do crafts, eat lunch, & participate in small exercises and such! It's really a neat program for the elderly in the community!

I'll post a few pictures if they allow me to take them!

Happy Friday!

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Hope everyone has a great start to the weekend!