Saturday, December 17, 2011

I can see the light.

For two full months now we have been non-stop fulfilling Etsy orders gallore.

I'm proud to say, I'm down to just THREE orders to ship out!

The small light at the end of what seemed like such a dark, dark tunnel is now brighter than ever!

Last Monday was our Etsy shop cut-off date for delivery on all Christmas items. 
We literally had to shut down the site so that we could dedicate all of our time into fulfilling these orders.
There were steadily e-mails from potential customers flowing in like crazy asking about products & shipment dates. Taking time out to respond to them was taking away from production time. So, we had to close it up!
Here's what our storefront looked like most of the time..

I think the post office ladies hate seeing me walk thru those glass doors now-a-days.
They're like, "ohh, Heyy Caitlin. What ya got today?"  with the biggest smile on their face.
And really, deep down.. I'm sure they're probably thinking "ohmygosh... not.her.again. she has 30 million packages to ship out! She holds up my line for 15 minutes at the MINIMUM. Can't she use UPS or FedEx instead??" 

But instead, they smile & are just as friendly and helpful as anyone could be!
I owe them big time :)

It's been a crazy, busy holiday season thus far! 

We LOVE each and every one of our customers & are SO thankful for their business and support.

We hope they are thrilled with each of their products as we were when we made them!


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