Wednesday, April 28, 2010

life on the farm.

Oh boy, just the thought of these animals gets me excited. I definitely take after my Daddy when it comes to the outdoorsy stuff. And of course, now living next door to where his father [who has now passed on :'( ] lived, we must carry on the family tradition and maintain...the "FARM".

However, nowadays...I'm starting to think it should be more along the lines of a "petting-zoo". 

Let's see. We have 2 roosters, 7 hens, and 9 bitties. 

Above: This was about a month ago.
Below: Five of them are roosters and four hens.

Next, we have our dearest buddy "Guantanamo", better known as "G Mo". Don't ask. My brother gave him that name since I named the previous animal we had gotten. He is an ole billy goat that fails to stop eating, ever.

About this time last year, we also purchased two baby turkeys. Within just a few weeks, we realized they were both males. Within months they were huge, literally. I guess that's why this particular breed is called "broad breasted bronze turkey"..? Well, this time of year is breeding season for turkey's and these two fellas didn't quite see eye to eye. It's sad to say, but after a few fights between the two..we now only have one. Yea, that's right. These jokers are mean.

In addition to these chicks, turks, and my little baby G, we have had the opportunity to raise another amazing animal. A fawn.

Almost a year ago [last June I believe], my brother came across this little fella in the ditch on a dirt road near our house. He goes by the name of "Luke". He was spots and all when we first took him in. 

Oh, isn't he just the most precious thing you have ever seen? He really is. And just as sweet as can be. 

I'm blessed to have the opportunity to walk outside and see these creatures God has provided on a daily basis. I am grateful.

Scrapbook page made back in 09'


  1. We have a "mini" farm...over the years we have had chicks and roosters, goats and a pig. All we are down to now is 3 horses. I love just being able to walk outside too and see Gods creatures all around me....but I gotta admit I could have gone without that rooster waking me up at 4am every morning. HAHA! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

  2. Love this post, so fun!! I would totally love this! You are so cute, and so is your blog! I am following you and can't wait to read more!!! I love your header picture!!

  3. Hey! I saw you were a follower on my blog & i thought i'd come check yours out! i'm so glad i did, you have the CUTEST blog!! I love the header, the wording - & the pic is AMAZING!

    You will LOVE married life! I still am confused when ppl say "married life is HARD WORK" b/c really HONESTLY we LOVE it & though there are always situations you go through that doesn't mean marriage is hard! LOL. Just our opinion! :) It's 1.5 years for us, but we are still LOVING EVERY DAY together. :)

  4. How cute are they! I love G Mo the best! Thanks for following me! I'll look forward to reading your stuff too, wedding planning is so much fun. You're getting married the same day as my best friend.

  5. Just love all those animals how precious!! The little chicks are just adorable!! That would be such a great way to start your day. Seeing what God has created and nature is such a gift! You are lucky!

  6. Thank you all for the sweet comments & for becoming followers of my blog. I am new at this, but have to admit it is entirely too addicting! ha! Hope you all have a great day! ♥

  7. my oldest would kill for us to live on a farm...hubs and i would enjoy the life too.....but until we win the lotto we're stuck here!

    love love love ♥♥ the boots/skirt jeans against fence pic! i'mmmmmmmmmmmmm soooo gonna have to steal that idea for hub and me! after i lose some weight in my legs of course! ha ha