Wednesday, December 29, 2010

bridal shower theme idears

163 days to-go.

In saying that, it's time to begin thinking about bridal shower themes.

Here's some interesting ideas that I've came across.

Please share shower themes & ideas that you have attended that were a great hit!

  • Stock the bar
  • Lingerie shower
  • Wine and Cheese Tasting
  • Around the clock- Write a different time of the day on every invitation so each guest brings a gift related to that time like a Starbucks gift certificate for in the morning or a cookbook for the evening.
  • Bed and Breakfast- Picture a quaint little inn. Decorate with soft colors and lots of flowers. Guests are asked to bring any gift for the bedroom or kitchen. Favors could be fancy chocolates or a sachet pillow.
  • All Throughout the House: This may also be called a "room by room shower." Guests are assigned a room of the house and asked to bring an appropriate gift. Examples: kitchen...blender, bathroom...towels, bedroom...sheets, etc. Your centerpiece could be a grapevine birdhouse decorated with flowers, and favors could be mini houses.
  • Alphabet Time: Each guest is given a letter of the alphabet, and is asked to bring a gift that starts with the letter. This idea can work well for teachers or anyone who works with letters.
  • Garden party- Wonderful gifts include gardening tools, flowerpots, flower seeds, potted plants and a watering can. You could even give the bride a sun hat and a handmade voucher for an hour of weeding so she can get out of weeding the garden.  


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  2. thanks for visiting my blog! bridal showers are so fun! i remember my lingerie shower..loved it. i think the girls had the most fun planning it though. :) glad my post on a stock the pantry bridal shower was right up your alley! these are all great ideas!