Tuesday, June 28, 2011

bride & groom gifts.

after much deliberation and about two weeks left to go before the wedding, i finally decided on what to buy for my groom.

he's pursuing a master's degree in middle grades education and currently in the midst of applying for jobs.

i had been racking my brain for months, and nothing had hit home.
i wanted something with meaning.
something he would use.
something he would remember me by everytime he saw it.

his step-mom, april, called me one morning with a great idea.

a leather satchel to carry all of his school essentials, graded papers, etc. to and from work..

*light bulb*


she sent me this website where a friend had recently purchased a few bags from.

I ordered this style on 6.01.2011.

On 6.9.2011, the day of the rehearsal dinner.. I checked our P.O. box to find, nothing.

No package slip, no nothing.

Let me call them.

After a few minutes, the clerk came to the conclusion that the bag I had purchased 8 days ago was put on backorder.


Okk.. next step.

"Is there anything similar in style and color? If so, could you overnight it?"

The clerk found a similar bag, explained it to me via telephone because I was no where near a computer at the time. She said that because of the inconvenience and me being unaware that the previous bag was placed on backorder, they would cancel the backorderd bag, gift wrap the new bag for me and cut the overnight shipping fees in half.

{I honestly think they should've cut the shipping fee period, but hey..I was in panic mode at this time and just wanted the darn bag!}

I gave her the hotel shipping address & hours later I had received confirmation the bag was in route to me.

Cliff loved it.
He even took it on our honeymoon packed with all of our passport, air tickets, itinerary, and laptop.


-bride gift from the groom- 

a beautiful sterling silver tear drop monogrammed necklace from handpicked.

the hubsters picked this one out all by himself!
bigg kuddos to him.

it's my new initials: cYc

{sneak peak of our honeymoon destination, wearing my monogram chain!}

for the exchange of gifts, we had april & brooke set up on the day of the wedding.

i didn't know where we were staying until we got there after the reception.

one of many surprises.

we had our own cottage at the Statesboro Historic Inn.

we were greeted with:
chocolate covered strawberries
bottle of champagne
basket full of goodies

the next morning we ate
breakfast inside the historic inn,
just the two of us.

how romatic ♥


  1. what cute and thoughtful gifts. I love your necklace and am looking forward to honeymoon pictures!

  2. omg... First I must say, that is where we are staying the night of our wedding. Ironic but then there are only a few places to stay in Statesboro besides hotels.

    I loved the idea of a briefcase. I would have never thought of that. GREAT gift.
    He did good! When looking at your honeymoon pictures a while back [via FB] I saw the necklace and figured that's what your gift was being you had it on in a lot of the pictures! :)

    Your initials are beautiful!
    -jess [I have to do anonymous because this picture had issues.