Thursday, June 30, 2011

patriotic picnic featuring 3rd ID ceremonial band & congressman Jack Kingston

yesterday afternoon, our community held a patriotic concert & picnic at a local church.

cliff had school until 6:45, so i decided to join my daddy and support the local events while i had an afternoon off.

the fort stewart 3rd infantry division ceremonial band performed with guest speakers
Georgia state representative, Jan Tankersly

congressman, Jack Kingston.

the program began about 6:30pm.
bad weather was approaching quickly, so they had to get started right away.
mr. kingston was supposedly still minutes from arriving

the local boy scout troup made their appearance & led the pledge of allegiance.

all of the children were decked out in their precious red, white, & blue outfits.

a preview of the thunderstorm rolling right over us.

one of the city council members recognized all of the city managers & employees that were in attendance, as well as the state representatives.

{jan tankersly herself}

mr. kingston finally arrived. gave about a two-minute speech, then sat back down to enjoy the 3rd ID concert.

moments later..the bottom fell out.

i made a run for my car to save my beloved camera that snapped all of these pretty pictures.

cliff and i got home about the same time.

 we grilled hamgburgers on our new Sumbeam panini maker/grill {bridal gift}

then skipped over to the home of some great friends to help load up pieces of unused equipment on a trailer.
cliff insisted i tag along for the ride & that i would be allowed to just "sit in the truck" rather than getting soaked from the rain.

i agreed & kicked off my rainbows and slid on my rainboots..

now, picture this:

i worked at the store all day (embellish), went straight to the concert, came home, went straight out the door with cliff
in this here dress

{purchased from social boutique}

and these rainboots{from target}

now, if that's not already quite a sight in itself, when we get there cliff needed more assistance than he thought he needed to begin with.

i ended up standing at the front of the trailer reeling a wench to help pull the piece of 1000 pound equipment onto the trailer..

if i said/thought it once, i said/thought it a thousand times...
"anything for you, honey"


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  1. We almost went to that but didn't because of the weather! Some people we met in Publix, ironically, invited us to it and to try that church out since we haven't been thrilled about the church we've been going to in Claxton. Do you go there?