Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gender Reveal Sneak Peak

Hello ladies!

I'm working up the post for the Gender Reveal Party from yesterday! It was a HUGE success and SO much fun.

In the meantime, I just had to share a sneak peak of the awesome set-up - thanks to my hometown friend Jess. She planned & organized the ENTIRE thing. From invitations down to the food. We are so incredibly grateful for her and all that she has done for us.

Our family and friends had a ball!

{My conversation with Jess prior to spilling her the news! - She was the first to know since she was hosting the reveal 3 short hours later! Eeeeeek! Excitement!!}

What's YOUR vote?!

Tell me what you think it is:

Team Chloe
 Team Clayton?



  1. you seem REALLY excited, so i'm guessing girl :)

  2. jessica did a great job, everything is SO cute! i saw the news on jess's instagram so i wont comment on that, but SO exciting :)

  3. I can't wait to see more pics!!!
    I saw on Jess's instagram too!
    Congrats!!! :)

  4. I'm thinking girl! Can't wait to find out :)

  5. It was SO awesome! && I am SO happy you loved it. I had a wondeful time planning && now I'm ready to start buying for Baby C! {I won't spoil the surprise}. The big reveal was really awesome in every way more than one! Ready for the post!

  6. I vote Clayton :) Even though I LOVE the name Cloe, or as you will spell it, "Chloe". That's my best friends name, so hearing/seeing it always brings happy thoughts! :)