Monday, July 23, 2012's a GIRL!

Ok, ok, I give you permission to hate me for making you all wait so long to find out!
I think 100% of the votes were Team CHLOE!

Our guests were almost split down the middle between Team Blue and Team Pink.

Everyone participated and some had left before we were able to snap the photo!

The decor was to die for! So, so, so super cute..
Jess did a FABULOUS job. Over the top all the way!

Since our gender scan appointment and gender reveal party were scheduled just 3 hours apart, Jess had to come up with something clever besides the normal cutting of a cake, biting into baked cupcakes, etc.

My amazing friend, come up with THIS genius idea:

A "C" pinata!

Hand-made all the way.

She filled it with regular (uncooked) peanuts.

When she found out the gender, she painted ONE single peanut and placed it inside & gave it a good shake.

The three Grandmothers were responsible for the actual "reveal" part.

My Mom was blindfolded and given the paddle to take the first swings!

Take 1 = FAIL

Mom swung a little high and knocked the pinata to the floor!

So with some good, tall manly help we got it hung back up and ready for another lick! 

 Y'all, if this was not the funniest thing ever! I was laughing so hard, I was crying.
Everytime Mom took a swing, she would throw off the blindfold and scream "WHAT IS IT?!?!?!?" all while scanning the floor frantically looking for the one painted peanut!

 No luck? Jess hid that bad boy pretty good!

It was finally spotted!

Lots of excitement, laughing, and hugging going on!

Then out come the ultrasound images..

Baby Chloe definitely wasn't shy.
She made her Daddy blush  already with her pose above ;)

Baby Chloe is loved by SO many already!
It was an incredible day.
We couldn't thank Jess enough for planning, hosting, and going the extra mile for us!



  1. What a super cute reveal. Congrats little girls are sooooo much fun

  2. Congrats!!! I love her name!!!!!!

    Wjhat a cute gender reveal party, I've never saw the peanut thing done, how cute!!!

  3. Congrats on lil baby girl Chloe! Your reveal party looks like it was a great time. Jess did a wonderful job planning!!

  4. oh my gosh how cute!!!! Love it:) Congrats

  5. That is a great way to reveal everything was so cute!I love your dress :)

  6. SO cute! I just knew it was a girl after seeing some of your pins on Pinterest :)

  7. So cute!! :) I love the pink peanut idea!!!!!

  8. Oh my AWESOME! Ashley took great wonderful, spectacular pictures!!!

    I think I may write a post but send them over here to recap because this was awesome && says it just as it was played out!

    Loved it! Xo