Monday, March 14, 2011

afternoon of fishing.

I'm thankful we live so close to Fort Stewart. 
The land is split into "areas" and when they aren't training, burning, or having special hunts, they allow locals to hunt and fish the open areas. 

The animals are abundant. 
The landscape is beautiful.
It makes me thankful to be a Southern gal.

{I was trying to snap pictures on the way to the ponds. My fiance is a little speed demon! I didn't have my camera on the right setting, but I thought the picture turned out neat.}

I finally got to see my brother after weeks of having to stay at college for baseball!

I'm glad he got to spend the weekend at home.

Dad and Dixie (Bella's sister)

Jig poles. Catfish like to swim close to the bank at night searching for food. 
In the morning when you go to check them, the ends of the bamboo will be moving up and down.

Such beautiful dogs!

And SO funny!

While I was busy snapping pictures of Dixie. My line had a bite!
Cliff hooked him & called me over to reel him in.

Baby bass!

I let him go and shortly after caught two more of similar size!

Dixie had an active afternoon.

First, she played "bull" with Cliff...

Next was a game of "catch the hat as it goes in and out of Cliff's legs".

And finally, hide and seek.
"Dixie, look. Pinecone."
"Dixie, find pincone" as he tosses it into thigh high bushes.

"I can't find it Dad.
 Let me try again.. "
"Found it!"

"It's been a long, hot day. Please excuse me for a minute..or two...or three".

Have a great day friends!


  1. Love these! Sounds like out afternoon yesterday, too. We like to go to Sands Pond, the public fishing area off Sunbury rd. in Evans County. It's just a few miles from our house and it's so beautiful and peaceful. Looks a lot like your pictures. :) Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Beautiful pictures! I drive through Fort Stewart everyday on the way to's a pretty LONG road but your pictures make it look beautiful!