Monday, March 7, 2011

guest bathroom remodeling

If many of you don't know, the hubby-to-be bought my Aunt's old home a few years back that was built back in the 70's.

Since he's moved in, he's remodeled the bedroom from old wood paneling to pretty tan painted walls, the master bath/laundry room from wall paper to pretty sage green painted walls & new laminate flooring, the spare bedroom from a light pink baby room to a home office, and the kitchen from a pinky color to mocha and new flooring. 

He's a pretty busy fella.

After these rooms were done, we moved on to the living room and guest bath. 

Since we are both in school full-time, there's little time to get the job done.

We have been working on them both along and along from installing new windows and patching up the holes in the walls in the living room to purchasing a new vanity, toilet, and tub for the bathroom.

In exchange for a home irrigation system, Cliff got a friend to lay tile around the tub and bathroom floor.

After months of putting it all aside, we have finally picked back up where we left off.

{After priming}

{And, now after painting}

{Color: Totally Teal Glidden from Lowes}

All we have left is to install the toilet, hook up the water lines, install the knobs in the shower, hang mirror, and decorate!


More pictures to come :)


  1. It looks great CAITLIN [& Cliff]. Look forward to seeing the finished look.

  2. The new paint is lovely! It is pretty unique Caitlin. And those bell lights are so pretty, they add life and a relaxing mood in the bath room!

    I hope to see more pictures of the remodeling, Cait. =)

  3. All large undertakings get smaller, even if the pace of change is slow. So far, you look and sound successful with the remodeling, and I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures!