Sunday, September 18, 2011

camera phone randoms.

I don't know about you, but I take a picture of e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

I'm thankful my phone has a camera on it, although, despite the fact it has no flash and I can't take any at nighttime.. it still serves it purpose I suppose. Boo!

For the last two weeks, I haven't had my "big" (Nikon) camera to take any random photos. Between our last vaca to Sanibel and now, I've misplaced my camera charger. Somewhere. I have no idea where. I've turned my home upside down looking for it and we've even went to the extent of calling the owners of the condo we rented to see if it had been left in Sanibel. No luck.

As I was browsing through the 491 pictures on my phone, yes, you did just read that right. Four-hundred-and-ninety-one...on my PHONE... I thought they were rather hilarious. Completely random to say the least.

Here's a few.

[Cliff getting a haircut week before last. it was starting to look like he had a full blown mullet.]

[when I asked Cliff to bring me lunch to the store, this is what he brought.]


[Cliff's younger sister, Madison, is learning how to barrel race. We spent last Sunday at the arena watching her and the rest of the Georgia Wranglers in her division practice.]

[Puppy love! Not really. Dixie actually is holding Prince (the Yorkie) down so he can't get her bone.
This was priceless.]

[Darla was hongry!]

[Trying to find a dress for our rehearsal dinner. TJ Maxx dressing room with my sweet cousin!]

[our friends electrical  taped this to our door one weekend while we were away!
FYI: all of Cliff's friends call him 'Beaver']

[On the airplane heading to Cancun for our honeymoon!]

[First document I signed with my new name & information]

[Hippiebands for the 4th of July]

[an afternoon at the hunting club with the guys]

[new license & new last name ♥]

[I am SO wearing these this fall/winter. This picture was taken at the Atlanta Mart back in July]

[In order to take the NCLEX (state nursing boards), I had to get fingerprinted at the UPS Store. This was the note I found on the door after I traveled 35 minutes into town IN THE MIDDLE OF A THUNDERSTORM. I was not happy.]

[Fun collegiate-themed bathroom set I made for a customer!]

[First mouse in the house!] I was laying on the couch studying late one night as caught him out the corner of my eye. I laughed so hard at how cute he was, I waited till he came back out and snapped a few pictures to show to Cliff for proof.]

[This was the result of the Mr. leaving a blue pen in his pants pocket. Our entire load of laundry now has blue ink splatter! Thanks honey!]

[Taken at Jessica's wedding! It was beautiful!]

[I wrapped her HUGE gift in burlap. This was tricky, but turned out super cute!]

[I finally found a temporary home for our canvas print of an engagement favorite.]

[First afternoon of hunting this year!]

[My view from the stand.]

[My favorite dressy top]

[On the way to Jess & Aaron's wedding!]

[Our sweet cousin Bella wearing my sunglasses during Sunday lunch. She is precious!]

[Cousin Austin riding thru town in the back of my car holding the hatch down so these wooden boards wouldn't fall out!]

[Redneck dinner. Using coolers for seating? Yes. Our living room is a work in progess... still. It will see paint, new carpet, and a new panel board ONE DAY.]

[My nursing class awarded me this during our 'Senior Picnic'. So sweet!]

[A full afternoon of using up wedding gift cards & switching out duplicate items!]

[Beautiful pair of peacocks!]

[I.hate.roaches. I conquered my fear a few months back and picked these dead creatures up off the floor (with a piece of paper, that is) of the backroom at my store and flushed them down the toilet. This picture was sent to Cliff with a message that read: 'There can be no more of these things. You must spray your potion ASAP! EEEEEK!!'

[This was the night before we left for my Bachelorette Weekend. All of the girls came up to the store and helped me catch up on my orders!]

[Guest bathroom --- post make-over]


  1. LOVE this post. SO cute, it opens your life on its true inside. I may have to sweep this one and go through my camera phone pics. Only I don't think I have really great ones.

    LOVE your bathroom make-over. && your pictures {and dress} from our wedding. I'm dying to get ALL our pictures back. Your gift wrap was AWESOME. I actually kept it for the future. I'm a re-wrap gift wrapper whore.
    Loving the headband, I've got a plain black one at home I'm obsessed with.
    love seeing and hearing abour your objects/papers with your new last name, i'm in the process with all that as we speak {type}.

    My favorite picture is your lunch. So typical of a man.

  2. The pup photo is too cute!

  3. Hey there girl! Glad I found your new blog :)

    Looks like you've been busy these last few months!

    Hope everything's going great!