Tuesday, September 27, 2011

love times three..

Yesterday evening was like any other.
Cliff and I stayed inside due to a quick thunderstorm and enjoyed cooking dinner together. Around 8ish, we ventured over to his Dads house for them to watch the Colts vs. Redskins engage in Monday Night Football.
About 10:30 we scooted on back home, and after we took showers ended the night kicked back flipping through our five channels on t.v. while I attempted to study for the NCLEX in between commercial breaks.

In the midst of flipping back and forth between football recaps, we caught a glimpse of the Dr. Phil show.
Cliff paused for a moment as we watched the beginning of a new episode and introduction into a family.
Immediately, it caught my attention and I looked up from my never ending study guide to catch a peak.

The topic? Polygamy.
Here's the trailer that caught my attention.
Take a look..

That's right. There is such thing that exist.
This man has three wives.. and TWENTY-SIX children.

Here's some additional info to give you a better idea of how the relationships work:

To read/watch more on this episode, click here.


My thoughts?

I'm a firm believer that "marriage" is between a man and a woman.

Yet, I just can't get over the fact that this man has THREE wives and TWENTY-SOMETHING children that live within ONE home.

Can you imagine the estrogen in this place??

They seem to get along extremely well despite the circumstances.

What are your thoughts on this? Interesting stuff!


On another note, our AC decided to go out on us last night.
I normally don't complain about the heat, I'm definitely cold natured. So when I'm warm, I feel good!
Last night I got a little stuffy, glanced up at the ceiling to see the temperature of the room and saw 78. Gahh. It's normally 72.

Come to find out, either the module or the motor is acting up. Luckily, it's still under warranty.
Tonight we will be sleeping with box fans on high..
you don't realize how much you take advantage of the AC until you don't have it.

I read this status a minute ago on FB from a friend, it said "What if we woke up tomorrow with only the things that we thanked the Lord for yesterday?"

We better think twice every day to praise Him & be thankful for all that He has provided in our lives.


  1. Okay, so I've watched the same episode...got carried away ans watched an Oprah episode and a tv series on it...it's crazy!! I totally disagree with it. I think it's just and excuse for a man to have sex with multiple women and justify it. One of the tv shows is called Sister Wives...you can look it up. It's disgusting-a lot of rape and incest goes on based on the documentaries I've seen. I feel sorry those women have been so brainwashed. So thankful I wasn't born into that kind of mess!!

  2. I watched the show too. I do admit I couldn't turn the show off. They all seemed very genuine and got along great but as dr. Phil said there must be some jealously and how can all those kids get along. Did you ever watch sister wives??

  3. I watched sister wives and got caught up in it too. Its crazy i cant even imagine that situation.