Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wedding wednesday's: cake tasting & dress fitting

240 days to go! 

There's not much going on in the wedding world around here lately. We've been busy working on guests favors & little what-nots, but that's about it. Our biggest concern at this point is reception catering and the wedding cakes. Last Wednesday we had appointment #2 with a separate cake caterer than previously. The place we went to actually made our engagement party cake and has made several, several cakes for several members of Cliff's family for years now. So, we knew the quality of the cake and how good it tastes already! We were just hunting for the best overall price! If you don't remember, a few months back I went to cake tasting #1 and my total was about $100 over budget.

Cake place #2 was $1 over budget.

I think we will go with the #2 option ;)

As you are currently reading, my Mother and I are on our way to Atlanta for my first dress fitting! Ahh!
It came in a few weeks ago and this is the first day we've had available to make a trip up there.
I truly hope it fits! Wouldn't that be something?!

Here's my checklist for the month of October:

Save-the-dates alreadyyyy?? I was thinking more like 6 months! 

How many months before did you send out save-the-dates?


  1. Have fun trying on your dress!

    I didn't send out save the dates but 5 or 6 months before sounds about right because you'll be sending the invitations out about a month and a half or so before the wedding :)

    Love the picture of y'all!

  2. I'm about to send out Save the Dates and my wedding is 4 months away. No one is out of town and I figured this little postcard would be a cute way to get them thinking about reserving their hotels and things for the weekend!

  3. We sent out save the date magnets about 4 months from the wedding. It was a good way to let people know our wedding was coming and soon after they started seeing shower invitations and then the actual invite.

  4. Save the dates are 6 months...unless it is an expensive destination wedding, 8 months in OK. h yeah...I have a wedding blog too and was a wedding planner fro 10+ years. I will be giving away my new book, the Everything Wedding Checklist soon! I love a fun wedding blog!
    504 Main

  5. Hey!
    I know you do not know me, but I know Chels. I happened upon your Blog and saw that you will share my wedding day with me:]

    Save the dates for us went out over Turkey Day:] We put little tentative RSVPs in there so we could have a number some what figured out!

    As for the cake . . . . I was terrible with the whole "budget" thing and yeah-I just ordered my cake . . . you can see on my Blog what flavors i went with . . . a different flavor for all four tiers! I figured it would be right around where she priced it!