Saturday, October 23, 2010

hunting season so far.

Last weekend marked opening day for dog hunting/rifle season in our neck of the woods! Saturday morning at our hunting club, this young fella score this 8 point in one single shot! Lucky joker!

Wednesday was our next opportunity to dog hunt. Cliff went down into the bay area in one block & came out with this here buckaroo.

 Too bad you can't tell what he is! Cliff shot his horns clean off! He thinks he may have been a 4 point, but he really doesn't know for certain, hah. Guess the saying is true "you can't eat the horns!".

After lunch we had been chasing a 6 point back and forth across the block when he finally got into the bay & we had to drive around to the other side of the club to get ahead of him. As we're driving in a line of four trucks back to back, someone yells on the c.b. "deer, deer out your window!". We all slam the trucks in park and jump out while one of the guys in the truck in front of us points his gun & starts shooting. The darn buck had been laying beside the road and as we rode by we spooked him! No dogs were running him, no nothing. One heck of a 6 point. Huge body on this deer & his horns were super thick!

Friday evening rolled around and we decided to go hunting at Mr. Alan's {Cliff's dad}. Two out of the four shot and killed bucks!

Cliff killed his biggest buck yet to date!

He was a young buck believe it or not. His body size was definitely not proportional to his 17 inch spread! He will be hanging on our wall in a few short months!

Mr. Alan killed a 3 point at the same time Cliff was shooting at his.

In the midst of all the shooting going on between these two fellas, my brother sends me a text saying he had just downed a buck too! Him and my Dad were hunting at a different place about 15 miles down the road. Cody hasn't been able to go hunting hardly at all this season due to playing college baseball. He's a lucky man too!

Today we ran dogs at another club we are members of. No luck for us, but my brother just sent in another text of this joker!

Him & my Dad are at our other club today hunting. Cody missed out opening day due to baseball games out of town so this is his first opportunity to go dog hunting! He has a horseshoe up his behind at all times!

As of now, Cliff & I had to leave the club early to drive a few hours away for our dear friends, Brooke & Joedee's, engagement party! We'll be back tomorrow :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend ♥


  1. Holy Cow! Cliffs Buck was NIIIICE! Way to go! You guys had a heck of a weekend!
    Have fun at the Engagement party! :D

  2. Y'all are just on a roll! Cliff's deer is very nice! Hope y'all are having a great weekend :)

  3. Congratulations on your hunting trips! I just recently found your blog and have read a ton of your posts and just wanted to say "hi"!

    ps. all your music on your playlist are my favorites!!! :)

  4. Clif,
    Cool hunting pics. Neat to have found your blog after you posted these. I hunt. Deer starts in Kansas Dec for me. Used to hunt in Florida and season was much longer. Also used to elk hunt in Wyoming. I'm a minister and have moved around a bit.

    Be glad to have you visit Family Fountain (my blog) but I don't have any pics like this up. More family stuff. Good luck rest of season.