Tuesday, October 5, 2010

weekend festivities ♥


It was our last day of pediatric clinical's unfortunately.
We decided to snap a few pictures prior to hitting the floor. 

 {Brooke & I}
 {Our group with our clinical instructor}
 {Amanda, Brooke, & I- all three engaged!}
 [Before going in to surgery, Matt & I]
As I mentioned last Friday, my Saturday morning began at 9 a.m. with clinical's at Silver Lining [a community organization for Alzheimer's patients to interact with one another and engage in arts/crafts, singing, exercises, etc.]. Welllllll, for some reason or another the assisted living facilities had some vehicle malfunctions & the other was told it had been canceled for the weekend. So we only ended up with about four-five participants! [Which worked out well for us because we got to leave two hours early! Whoooo!]

Saturday evening we attended a wedding a little over an hour away. The venue was on a hunting plantation with several hundred acres, numerous ponds, cute cottages, and a fancy little lodge. I didn't take pictures throughout the ceremony, unfortunately. But I did snag a few during cocktail hour/reception. 
This little boy in the pictures is related to the groom, I was pretty much his girlfriend for the night!
And, I wore my new dress!

Most of y'all know Jessica from Stilettos & A Fishing Pole!

I caught my first bouquet!

The bride, Brycelyn.


We went to church with Cliff's mom for "pack the pews", ate lunch with his dad & family after church, spent the remainder of the afternoon studying before hitting the woods with my Dad.
Of course, I have the worst luck ever... and I caused us to actually jump the only deer in the block [obviously] while walking into the woods! We climbed a few hundred yards apart and still failed to see anything! 

While heading back home, we turned the corner as a bunch of wild hogs were crossing the road. 
Ditto, one took a nose dive underneath the truck :/
Oh, and let me mention... they came directly out of the road we had been hunting originally!
I'm telling ya, I have this much luck: {0}. 

Four of us piled up and went hunting this evening. Only 1 out of the 4 saw something. He saw 5 different deer, shot 3 different times, but didn't cut a hair! Said there were still deer all around him after her shot clean out of ammunition! Really??? Can I just catch a glimpse of a deer!?

Wish me luck people! 
I'm going to try again tomorrow evening!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Love all the pictures :)