Thursday, February 24, 2011

wedding wednesday's: wedding bands

I think we are behind schedule in regards to purchasing our wedding bands.
It's crossed my mind a few times early on, but recently I've been focused on the bigger things that rings have completely slipped my mind.
It was only due to a friends FB status {today} about hers that it even rang a bell. Ummm, hellooo?, you have to FIND and ORDER a wedding band!

First off, Cliff and I hardly ever go into town.
And if we do, it's for me to go to clinicals and for him to go for work purposes.

In other words, it's HARD to make a trip to Savannah just to look at wedding bands.
And now that gas is $3.29 a gallon here, I don't believe that'll be happening any time soon.

Soo, I started browsing online for this one band I fell in love with a while ago.

Problem: I can't find the darn thing anywhere.

This is the little beaut...
it looks more like it fits a round cut rather than square.
Or this one...

I'm honestly not sure that either will fit or look good with my square princess radiant star solitaire!

But, I'm really digging this style!


Do any of you have these bands? If so, WHERE did you get them from?

For the mister, he's fairly simple.

Plain.and.silver. were the only recommendations.

Simple enough? 

Or this?

I wish we were that simple! Geeeee ♥


  1. Caitlin, Check the store Cliff bought your ring from. They should have something that goes with your ring, if not something particular, then I'm sure something that would go well with your band. When I brought mine back to Anderson's, they showed me the band that goes with my ring. So, check into that.
    Also, my darling friend showed me a website that has amazing men's bands that [she & I] have price & compared [Her Hubbys] & Aarons wedding bands on. The stores have the same rings for higher price than this website. She said her Hubbys ring is perfect & well made. - Aaron too, is simple. He said he wants nothing fancy AT.ALL. I've already started his ring process & will be ordering it soon. Check them out!

  2. We ordered my sweet hubby's wedding bands online....about $'s Tungsten (won't scratch as bad as silver) and looks very "cool and manly." He works with his hands a lot so it was a better choice for us. AND definitely cheaper! As far as yours, have you checked Kohl's or Wal-Mart? I don't mean to sound ghetto, but they're a LOT cheaper, very pretty, and who the heck can tell the difference? My husband bought my two bands from Shane Co. (where he got my ring) and paid over $600. It's a unique set, but if it wasn't for them fitting specifcally with my ring I wouldn't care WHERE it came from! :) (P.S. If you don't have time to go into town, order it off the internet girlie! It's a lot easier and sometimes cheaper!)