Thursday, June 21, 2012


I ran across this fun link-up last week through Jamie at This Kind of Love. Although I'm not a very 'active' blogger and don't keep up with all the link-up's and such, I still thought this was a fun idea and looked forward to participating this week. Looks like Jennifer, the blog link-up host, is out for vacay and won't be doing it this week unfortunately. But since I worked diligently on it, I'm going to post it anyhow..

current book(s)

{NCLEX study questions - yes, I have still yet to take my NCLEX exam and become an official RN. I'm ashamed. But good news, I should have a date set to take it within the next week!}

{Mom bought this for me as an early Mother's Day gift. It has ALL the answers.}
current playlist
Reba McEntire, Avalon, Casting Crowns, or Third Day stations
current color
Coral & Aqua
current food
fried chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, and chocolate milk
current favorite show(s)

{this is a must watch every Monday night. yet, this season is becoming very boring to us!}
current needs
maternity clothing.
current banes of my existence
studying for the NCLEX.
current celebrity crush
{Blake and Miranda - LOVE them}
current #1 blessing
{our baby!}
current indulgence
Hunt's Brothers Pepperoni Pizza
current outfit
{that i am in need of}
cute, maxi dresses from Target and Old Navy!
current excitement
 getting my hair done this afternoon! it's been since february. yes, you read that right.
i'm adding some blonde. getting tired of being a total brunette, i need a summer color!

current mood
happy! we got to hear our baby's heartbeat yesterday. now looking forward to planning our gender reveal partay with Jess. invites have been ordered and being sent out very soon. that's something to be happy about!
current favorite quote or verse
{via Pinterest}
current wishlist item
the wand.
have you seen these things? they're incredible.
my friend's hair looks amazing after using this bad boy.

it looks like a curling iron, yet it has no clip.
instead you use this to wrap the hair around the "wand"

go here to watch a video tutorial via youtube

current favorite product(s)
Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream

LOVE this stuff. I've been working on the same teeny container for 3, probably 4 years now. I use it every night before I go to bed on my lips. It keeps them moisturized for the entire next day. No chap stick can compare!

Hope you all have had a terrific THURSDAY!
Cheers to Friday & the weekend ahead- xoxo

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  1. Im loving coral too!! This season is looking great. I was loving Arie, not sure what to think now? Although I heard its a hoax. I also love my curling wand. I have the one by cortex.