Tuesday, August 10, 2010

co-hosting tuesday three with miss jla

A hometown friend, Jess, has come up with her own personal blog hop for Tuesday's! This week I am helping her co-host this hop in order to help get the word spread & some FUN participation involved :) Her blog is adorable & you will definitely enjoy following along as she shares stories of her life with her high school sweetheart of 10 years. Check her out & join in on the fun!


Her  Rules: [in her words]

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LAST WEEK: we shared our PET PEEVES around the house. I enjoyed reading every ones. I found out I don't stand out when it comes to being Anal! Think the TOP pet peeve was
Toys [other objects] on the floor!
THIS WEEK: Share three things, that put a smile on your face & that make you happy. It CAN NOT be people. I'm trying to get to know everyone, and I know your Hubby, your better half, and your children make you MOST happiest. Get CREATIVE!!!!
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Ok, so you have it straight from the hands of Miss JLA herself! So, take a moment, type up a new post & tell us THREE things that make YOU happy! You never know, it just might brighten up your day :)

 Here are the three things that make ME happy:

1) My farm animals. 
These babies can bring a smile to my face even on the dreariest day! 
[To read the story about my Life on the Farm & the precious little deer you see in the following pictures, click here.]

Sadly enough, Luke [the deer] is no longer around. He has been wondering around our house since late January [when he became old enough- we let him out of the pen we had built for him], coming and going as he pleased. He bedded down out in the woods behind my parents home & would come visit us when he heard us in the yard or when he wanted to be fed early morning. It's been about two-three weeks now, and we haven't seen him around. I think he has probably found a girlfriend to play with :) It was such a fun once in a lifetime experience getting to hand-raise a deer from just a few weeks [if that!] old. I'm sad to see him go, but know that we did our part in helping him have a successful life thus far. He is one of God's creatures and doesn't belong in captivity. We gave him his space and freedom and he stayed with us for a little over a year. He's definitely going to be missed around our home!

2) Knowing that I have one year left in nursing school. I start classes back next Monday, and although at the moment, I am dreading the return of homework, staying up studying late, long clinical rotations, etc... I still manage to find joy in knowing that after two more semesters, I will not only be a four-year college graduate, but also a Registered Nurse [as long as I pass my state boards, that is!]. Not to mention, I will only be 21!! I will marry the following June, and let my life begin :)

3) Hunting.
Any and every type of hunting, I lovvvvveeee. I'm very thankful I was brought up with all boy cousins, a Father, and a Grandfather who all love this sport! It is amazing. You learn soo much from engaging in this type of activity! My favorite type of hunting is dog-deer hunting. [Where the dogs are trained to smell the deer..you turn them out into a block of woods, walk with them hollering and what not, they smell a fresh scent where a deer has recently walked, they start barking and follow the trail until they come close to the deer, the deer runs & the dogs chase behind...blah blah blah..] You Southern girls know what I'm talking about! :) 
Maybe this video can explain it better than I can.. don't be freaked out by the gun barrel, the video camera is mounted on the gun! We have the same set-up. And just to clear it up in case you're wondering, nooo this is not us. I found it on youtube.com. Make sure you turn the volume up in order to hear the dogs barking & listen to the song, it explains it all!

Hunting is a way of life around here.
We process the meat, freeze it, and enjoy it year round. 
My Dad can cook the best deer meat ever!

I'm not a big fan of still hunting, although during the early fall months, I will go consistently. I get very bored easily, however, I find it very peaceful to be sitting in the woods, alone, listening to the wind blow through the trees, the birds chirping, and with every little shuffle of the leaves you think it's a deer! It's exciting.

 Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. Your Farm Animals put a smile on my face when I see your pictures. I think it's awesome! I remember when I moved here, the sound of chickens at 4am in the morning just beyond weird to me. Not so much anymore! Once I had to run after one of my Granddaddy's wandering Cow. I thought I was troubled for life. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, I was scared to death & thought he was crazy for telling me to run towards him!
    - Yay for Nursing School! Hard work pays off!
    - Hunting... I actually liked Turkey Hunting. I guess because you move around. The sound of a real gobbler was pretty exciting. I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I'm not sure if I could watch something be killed though. I would have a hard time! Aaron Still Hunts... BLAH! Boring! I did it once... He built me a HUGH stand and everything. I lasted 8 minutes. He didn't like me much that day. He says he's getting me out there this year! YIKES! You are one of a kind Cait. I love how you are involved [so much] into hunting!!! I'm pretty sure if we ever had a little girl, she'll be like you, Aaron will have her out there! I'm impressed with the photo of you on the Hog... Wow! Love it!

  2. Aw I love the little piglets! My bff had a baby deer for awhile, he was hilarious...he would run circles around the house like for hours at time! Hope he comes home soon...you guys should put a orange collar on him..hehe

  3. All the farm animal pictures were so super cute! loved them! congrats on seeing the end of nursing school ... almost there. All your hunting pictures are amazing. I'm a Southern city girl, but I can appreciate hunters and especially some good venison and greens!

  4. I just love all the farm animals! Too cute!