Wednesday, August 25, 2010

wedding wednesday's: dilemma

This past weekend I didn't have much on my agenda. Saturday I drove over to Mama's where we discussed "the guest list". Boy, I didn't realize just how important this part really was. To begin with, we were basing our number of guests off of our engagement party. We had about 100 close friends and family in attendance for it. So with a few more friends and relatives added, we figured we would be looking at about 250-300 people total. Not quite. Once combining all 3 guests lists [1 from my family, 1 from Cliff's Dad/Step-Mom's side, 1 from Cliff's Mom/Step-Dad side], we now have a total of......

 Yes, that is correct. 507 guests....and that's not including ALL of the children. I haven't went back in and changed the date from the 11th to the 10th, but it is still the 10th.

Originally we had made plans to have the ceremony underneath this pavilion, which would seat 250 people.

After the ceremony, we would have a tent set up for the reception to the right of this old barn.

[This is actually at the front entrance of the barn/pavilion]

Due to the fact that our date is set for a Friday evening, it's about 30 minutes from our hometown, many family members live out of town/state, elderly family members, weather conflicts, etc., we will probably shoot for about 350 attendees total that will actually show for the big day. So we are thinking, anyhow.

At this point, 1) we are considering taking the ceremony to a local church and maybe just do the reception as planned, 2) have a smaller ceremony for just close friends and family with a blow-out reception all still at the Botanical Gardens, 3) continue with the plan as set thus far, just make the ceremony short & sweet due to the fact that there will only be room for 250, [maybe 300 if the rain holds off and weather permits], but the remainder of our guests will have to stand and gather around, 4) leave the Botanical Garden idea completely and take the ceremony/reception to the Fiance's Dad/Step-Mom's plantation where we could have the ceremony underneath some oak trees with a tent reception set up nearby. There would be plenty of parking space and plenty of space to accommodate 500 guests if need be. However, the only problem here is the fact that we are talking June. The trees will give some shade [so hopefully no tent would be needed there], but we still risk the problem of it raining [and we wouldn't have shelter for the guests]. Lotssss to think about and decide on!

We just had no idea we would have so many people.
We've trimmed it down where we could [example: rather than sending out several invitations to church members, we are going to just send the church a single invite].

Any suggestions or ideas?


  1. YIKES! 507... Not sure how to comprehend that!
    I don't really know... Haha! Good Luck on deciding on that one! Look at the bright side, At least you have multiple choices to choose from!

  2. That sure is a lot of people! But you're right, not everybody will be able to make it which may be a good thing!

    I like the idea of just send out one invitation to the church!

    Good luck!

  3. I sent out about 500 invites, I had about 250-300 people come and go throughout the day. I was told while planning a wedding to plan for about 1/2 to 3/4s to show up!

  4. That sounds like quite a dilemma! We went through the same thing as far as trying to "cut the list," but it's hard to do that! We invited around 400, and I think that probably around 300 came...... maybe that will help you!

  5. Wow that is A LOT! Maybe if there are a lot of out of towners... Thanks for stopping by my personal blog; you should also check out the weekly wedding column I write on the Wedding Stories blog:!