Thursday, August 19, 2010

weekend recap

Friday the 13th, my parents rented a white Hummer limo for a little birthday celebration. I've been wanting to go across the bridge into South Carolina to a new bar called Stallion's. I figured all of us girls would dig out our old cowgirl boots and freshen up our boot scootin' boogy skills! And that's JUST what we did. We had an absolute BLAST!

Did I ever mention Brooke was an identical twin?
Meet Blair! [on the right]


My "pouty" face. I'm not very good at it, as you can tell. But that straight shot of tequila, whewwww.
here's a different camera's shot from the 2nd shot of the night.. red headed slut.

Sam was a trooper and took a free shot from this Bachelor out for his Bachelor party. Him & his fellas were just out for a good time.

Stallion's is somewhat of a "country club" I guess you would say. It has just recently opened. They have the big wooden dance floor, they do a little bit of line dancing, and of course, they have the MECHANICAL BULL! 

When I had called a few weeks prior to see if they had the bull or not [us girls had to know what to wear, and if they had a bull, we were going to find something other than dresses to wear]. 

They said they didn't have it, YET. So we dressed accordingly. 

Once we arrived, we saw all of these crazy mattresses piled up behind the back of the building. Holy cow, what are these for?! 

[those two little heads poking between the mattresses are some of ours, they had a quick tinkle break]

Then it dawned on us. 

Once they fired that bad boy up, we were the next in line. We talked the guy into letting all three of us girls on at one time. He laughed and said, ok.

Our 8 second ride was like 2.2, if that. He flipped us off head first in no time.

Some of the other members of our tribe decided they wanted a shot. Cliff got on while I was on the dance floor. He swears he rode it for longer than 8 seconds, but I wasn't there to witness it. 

This is Michael riding [Amy's man- I stole it from her FB]. 

 After our lovely incident of being tossed off. Amy uploaded this picture to FB. HA, she got the bad end of the deal. 

 After we shut the bar down [requesting a few extra songs because we couldn't find the right one to end the night on!]...we "thought" we were headed back home to Georgia. Boyyyy, were we wrong. The next thing I know, I hear Cliff yelling to the limo driver to "turn, TURN, TURRRRNNN. Right here!". "TURN where, Cliff?! Where are we going???" 

.......................hmmmmmmm......................................Drum-roll please.

We arrive at non-other than, "The Gold Club".  [ya, a strip club.]

No joke. 

We stayed probably about 30-45 minutes or so I would say. Then, headed home for good.

I think we pulled back up in the driveway about 4:30am. 

We still carried on for an hour or two. 

Eventually Cliff's alarm clock started going off. It was then we realized, it's time to go to B.E.D.

Everyone crashed at the house wherever they could find an empty spot.

A definite night to remember.

For more pictures of the night, click here! And go to "21st birthday". 

It literally took Cliff and I all day Saturday to re-cooperate. We slept, slept, and slept some more.

Sunday wasn't much better. 

We went to church, ate afterwards with his family, came home for a nap, then went back out to his Dad's to hang out. What bums!

It felt good to relax and take it easy, catch up on sleep, tidy up around the house, and get prepared mentally for the start of school come Monday.

Tonight is the AUCTION! 

Brooke is coming into town to stay since we both have to be in Savannah tomorrow morning at 9:00AM for clinical orientation at the hospital. 

Saturday I'm hoping to meet with a local florist and toss around a few ideas for the wedding.

Hope y'all have a terrific Thursday!



  1. Glad y'all had fun! Love all the cowgirl boots :)

  2. Yay! It's here! I haven't blogged all day... Seems I caught this post just in time! :D
    This was great.. Love the last picture of you and Cliff && I will admit, you had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard at your pouty face shot pictures. Red Headed Slut is my favorite Shot! I saw the first pouty face picture on FB then to scroll and see the second one, that's when I died laughing! Great pictures! 21st birthdays should be the birthday NEVER forgotten! You definitely won't forget this one! Happy to know you had a great celebration!
    -Good Luck with the Florist! I would think picking the flowers would be a difficult choice! Have FUN!!!

  3. What an awesome birthday. We have a Gold Club here in FL too. Wonder if it's a chain! LOL

  4. Looks like you all had a great time!!! Love the dresses and cowboy boots, too cute!!