Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wedding wednesday's

this past weekend we drove to Florida for Cliff's dads family reunion. During the whole engagement so far, Cliff hasn't had much influence on any of the decisions being made. Not because I want to do it all on my own, but merely because he is a guy and would just like to show up on the day of, say "I do", and be done with it! Typical, right? Well, he has voiced his opinion on two wedding issues: 1) the date of the wedding- June 10th and, 2) the ceremony officiant. 

So, we'll start off with the date. #1) June 10th, 2005 is the very first night Cliff & I were "official". I had spent the night with Jenny [his sister] and Cliff decided he wanted to all go bull frog hunting. Since Jenny and I had never been, we were quick to jump on the offer! We rode, we talked, we sang, we shot the .22, we laughed, we made jokes...ohhh, it was the funnest night! The next day, we decided we would go for round #2. And we did... from then on, we were inseparable. Because of the significance of the date, Cliff reallyyyy wanted to keep it June 10th if at all possible. I tried to change his mind on several occasions. Although I understand and really would like the wedding to be on the 10th, it would just be a heck of a lot more convenient for not only the wedding party & family, but also for the attendants! Regardless of the circumstances, he insisted on it being June the 10th! Soooo... June 10th, 2011 it is! 

These are pictures from around this same time.
[Jenny & I] 
Obviously the date on the camera was wrong at the time!

#2) The officiant: Cliff's cousin, Justin, is a preacher in the hometown where Cliff's dad grew up as a child. Because of this, Cliff requested early on in our engagement that Justin be the preacher at our wedding! So like I mentioned above, we had his family reunion this past weekend. Late Saturday night we decided to go ahead and ask Justin if he was willing to be the officiant of our ceremony. Of course, he agreed :)

That's one more thing to check off the long list of to-do's :)

Speaking of weddings, if you read my post a few weeks back- wedding wednesday's: pink & orange inspiration- you met my dear friend Meredith! I am happy to announce that she has now joined us in the blogging world. Check out her blog here!

ALSO, I have another hometown friend that has joined in on the fun as well. Ashley! I have mentioned her, here, here, and here. She is engaged and in 8 months will be MARRIED to the ♥ of her life, Adam. Check her out here!

They are both newbies & just trying to figure it all out. But once they get started, I have no doubt, every one of you will love to tag along. Please check them out & show them some L.O.V.E. 


  1. Will check out those other blogs you mentioned! Love a wedding!
    bull frog hunting? never heard of that. Is that popular by you? What do you do with the frogs once you get them? ;>)

  2. I just love that he picked June 10th as the date! Too sweet :)

  3. I'd be worried if he was TOO picky about the wedding. Kidding. Most guys aren't into details!
    However, it IS awesome Cliff does have certain things he wants. That's what makes it so special!
    - Here you go again with the hunting... I absoultely can NOT do the frog thing. I have chill bumps just typing those words. Aaron has been SERIOUSLY frog gigging here lately. He came home two weeks ago with 44... Then he turns around and eats the dern things. BLAH...
    Bull Frogs are GI- NORMOUS!
    Kudos to you & Jenny!

  4. What a perfect day to get married! Sounds like you guys are on the ball with plans. This is the best part of it... soak it all up! It'll be over before you know it... only 2 months left to go for me, and I can't even begin to express how quickly it goes by!

  5. Thanks SO much for introducing us Cait :) You're amazing ♥ ya