Tuesday, August 2, 2011


in celebration of my birthday yesterday, the family {all 20 of us} cruised over into town and ate at Longhorn's Steakhouse. Parmesan crusted chicken, pahlease? yes!

When my birthday {or christmas} rolls around and gift ideas are being tossed about, I always have a short list of items I have stumbled upon that I really like and would love to have.
If I end up with cash, I never spend it and buy something I truly want with it.
Therefore, the only way to get the desired item is to suck it up and tell somebody.
I wish everybody was that simple.
They all just had a written list for me to choose from.
I struggle with gifts & I find myself utterly happy and satisfied when somebody tells me exactly what they want! :)

Although it's still on it's way, I am now the proud parent of this babyyy.
a new, sassy Jo Totes camera bag.
looks like a purse, with the space & compartments of an ideal camera bag!
i hate lugging around the big ole' black/blue clasp tote.
mama/daddy ordered it in the fuschia...

so that it matches THIS adorable camera strap!
i'm stoked!
what better way to take pictures than with a little fancy strap around your neck & a cute camera bag to tote all of your accessories?

of course, the Longhorn's staff had to surprise me with singing & a delicious fat-free sundae.

glad I saved some room, the sundae was to die for!

the hubster, who forgot to tell me happy birthday, ordered a handstamping jewelry kit from beaducation for me!

cam, my brother from another mother, ordered me the "SHINE" necklace that I mentioned in my previous post.
still waiting on it to come in the mail :)

we are off to National Night Out downtown tonight!



  1. Happy Birthday!

    Kimberly's Korner

  2. Happy Birthday! Love the camera bag and stap! Too cute!

  3. Happy Birthday girl!! I have been wanting a cute camera strap like that for a long time, and I love the bag!!!

  4. Looks like you guys had fun! Happy Birthday!