Thursday, August 11, 2011

sightseeing in Sanibel {part I}

tuesday we decided to travel the Island of Sanibel since the rain was going to be pretty much off and on all day..

Sanibel is home to the CROW rehabilitation hospital & 'Ding' Darling Nature Park.

First stop: CROW rehabilitaton center.

Dad really only wanted to stop here due to the name (it's our family name).

The "patients" are wounded animals off the island. Whether it be from a boating accident or simply falling out of the tree, all animals are brought in to this center.

Unfortunately, the animals were not in the visitor center for us to see up close.
Studies have shown that when the animals were introduced to human interaction, it only increased their stress level. Therefore causing them to potentially not recover at an acceptable rate, if at all.

The facility was full of pictures from real patients the clinic has encountered.
There were even screens with live feed from the hospital.

This was a display in the museum that contained objects that had all been removed from the bodies of patients within the clinic.

pretty amazing.

A radiograph board showed real x-rays from some of the wounded patients.

sightseeing part II coming tomorrow.

over & out, boy scouts!


  1. what a cute picture. ya'll are a burst of sunshine.

  2. I really want to go to Sanibel one day. My brother was married there.

    Kimberly's Korner