Wednesday, August 31, 2011

you don't want to miss this.

if there are any top three blogs that I read daily, it would be these:

These three ladies are FILLED full of inspiration. From blogging about family, their children, their projects, their aspirations and their life goals all the way to their downfalls, and struggles.

People, these women are REAL.

They make me want to be a better person.

They must be in kahoots with each other because each one of them are hosting AWESOME giveaways on their blogs...RIGHT NOW.

Over at


 is hosting a giveaway from Little Miss Momma!
One lucky ready will receive a beautiful SHINE pillow!

And in case you didn't know, with each shine pillow sold $5 of the proceeds go to The Shine Project Scholarship Fund.

And since we are on the subject of Little Miss Momma,
who is ALSO named Ashley- just FYI,

let me introduce the Barn Owl Primitive giveaway going on over at her place!

Have you seen these signs around etsy?

I posted one on my FB wall just the other day.

It was this one to be exact.

{it's never too early to start dropping Christmas hints, now is it?}

These signs pictured above are all 'standard' size.

The giveaway is for a JUMBO sign of your choice OR you can work with the creator of these beauties and design one of your own!

It measures 2' x 4'.

Take a look..

Valued at $250-$350!

Last but not least, my super cute friend Casey over at The Wiegand's is hosting a giveaway from Soleil Selene.

Enter here for your chance to win all three of these lovelies:

one rosette necklace

one triple rosette necklace

one double rosette headband

Now, as if this isn't enough, Soleil Selene is hosting a Blogiversary Giveaway Event from now until September 16th!

I don't know about you, but I find myself in dire need of ALL of the above mentioned giveaways.
I've actually already entered myself into each of them.

And because each of the ladies are giving away, I figured I might as well join in on the fun!

Next week, I'm going to host a giveaway from my Etsy shop!
Take a look around and leave a comment below letting me know of an item you would like to see in the giveaway!

In the meantime, I'm offering a 15% off discount code to all of my readers!
Just enter 'embellish' in the discount code box!



  1. I follow those gals too!
    I love the laptop cover which is personalized from your shop.

  2. I'm your newest follower! I love you blog! I also follow The Shine Project, little miss momma, and The Wiegand's religiously! They are amazing!


  3. I'm your newest follower - love your blog, and your shop! I'm always reading Little Miss Momma and the Wiegands, I'll add you to the following!!! Thanks!


  4. I just found your blog and i must say Love it!! :)

  5. I agree... these girls are a 'daily read' for me!