Friday, August 19, 2011


{yes, indeed. I'm a Leo.}

some good, some not so much.
these word are all adjectives that describe a big part of who I am.
did you know, these same exact adjectives also describe my husband?
at times, we clash.
we clash because we are.just.alike.
we do have our differences, but both of our attitudes regarding life are described above.
this can be a good thing.
yet, this can be a little tricky at times.
sometimes we get along great.
other times, we challenge each other and bicker about pointless stuff.
now, let's be honest for a moment. raise your hand if these have happened once or twice in your time between you and your significant other..
how many of us are so firm and decisive that we both believe our opinions are 'the best' and 'better than' one or the others and we stand tall to back our decision?
how many of us get so pushy to the point of pure aggravation with one another?
how many of us are so determined that both of our answers or opinions are correct that we often lose sight of reality and begin to make up every excuse in the book to back up our statement we felt so certain about to begin with?
{sigh} i think it happens to the best of us.
while this doesn't happen often, it's something worth looking back on & remembering in the days to come.
i see us 40 years from now looking back and laughing at just how gung-ho we actually were.
wonder fills my mind when I think back on how we gained these said characteristics.
was is because cliff moved out at age 18 and moved off to college on his own?
he had to support himself, make decisions on his own, learn to cook & clean, and begin to pay his own bills.
was it because I decided at the age of 15 that I wanted to have a job so I could earn money to buy the 'wants' I had growing up as a teenager?
was it because good moral values were instilled in both of us to do and make the best of what we can be?
i'm not really certain as to why we are the way we are, but i am glad.
i'm glad we are independent, determined, firm, confident, assertive, and decisive. 

{all photos via pinterest}

what are some adjectives that you and your significant other have in common?

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