Thursday, August 4, 2011

life update.

where are we in life?
1.75 months post-wedding

how old are we?
25 & 22
what are our occupations?
i'm a boutique owner in our smalltown, recently graduated in may with a bachelor of science in nursing.
i've signed up to take my boards, just waiting on my ATT.
cliff works for an electrician wiring houses and plowing fiberglass cables for telephone lines during the week.
he's still attending grad school to get his master's in middle grades math & social studies in the meantime. on the weekends, cliff sprays yards for fireants, molecrickets, fleas, & weeds.

where do we live?
we live in a 1.5 story home my aunt built in the 1970's. cliff purchased this from her about 3.5 years ago & we've been remodeling room by room ever since. we still have a long way to go, but it's looking better and better in the coming days. so far we've revamped the master bedroom, master bath/laundry room, the kitchen, the guest bathroom, & the office. we still have the living room, foyer, stairway, & the upstairs loft & bedroom to complete.

what do we drive?
2008 chevy equinox
2009 toyota tacoma 4x4

how many children do we have?
one, if baby bella counts.

how many children do we want?
we want 3.
we've discussed baby "names" here and there & so far we've come up with two of each gender. ya know, in case we have two boys, 1 girl or 2 girls, 1 boy..that kinda thing.

we're going with the "all C's" theme... {for now}
for the girls: chloe & claire
for the boys: clinton & clay (or collin)
what do we enjoy on friday nights?
enjoying dinner at Cilantros Mexican Restaurant with the family and afterwards playing a round or two of cornhole at mom & dads

what's the last movie we watched?
'we are marshall'
yes, i bawled just about the entire time. such a tragic story.
'love & other drugs'
'lincoln lawyer'

what are our new favorite songs?
blessings - laura story
barefoot bluejean night - jake owen
what are we looking forward to?
cliff longs for the cool, crisp nights of fall when dusk begins to set about 6 o'clock.. where you rush home from work to throw on camouflage & make a mad dash for the nearest treestand.
i long for the day that i take & PASS my state nursing boards. i think that will be the biggest accomplishment of my lifetime. i wouldn't necessarily say that i'm quote-on-quote "looking forward to it", but it will be a huge relief to have that part behind me. i'm not going to lie, i long for hunting season as well. there's something about a quiet retreat surrounded by a beautiful landscape that the Lord has provided for us to enjoy. it's entirely too peaceful sometimes and other times can be a little rowdy. all in all, it's a good time. plus, it's something that we both enjoy doing together.

what are our current most prized possessions?
my fabulous Nikon D3100 camera. i take this baby everywhere!
cliff is still obsessed with baby bella. remember when i mentioned a while back that Mr. Y said absolutely NO pets would be allowed inside our home. after i bought bella as his birthday gift back in january, she stayed inside cuddled up IN THE BED with him for quite some time. when she started tearing the bathroom to shreds, we had to build her an outside pen. now, she's his definite sidekick at all hours of the day when he is home. she truly is a sweet, sweet puppy!

what are our "bad habits"?
the hubster has a tendency to begin shredding layers of clothes on the back porch after a long, hot day at work. this is usually what i come home to: collared work shirt & filthy shorts lying on the backporch stairs, dirty boots or tennis shoes lying in front of the backdoor, a belt on the ground immediately as you enter the backdoor, boxers & undershirt lying on the bathroom floor in front of the vanity, cell phone, sunflower seeds, receipts, and anything else out of his pants pockets makes it about two foot inside the backdoor onto the dinner table and/or the fireplace mantle. = not something i look forward to encountering on a daily basis. yuck.
don't get me wrong, my bad habits lately have been cooking up a large meal and leaving the dirty dishes overnight, sometimes two nights, in the sink. i've recently caught myself washing a load of clothes, switching them over, and throwing the dried ones on the bedroom floor because i'm too tired to fold and put them up. leaving chipped, almost entirely gone, horrible-looking polish on my toenails. i finally painted them the other day because i was soo embarassed. and yes, i painted OVER the old paint because i didn't have enough time to take it off & tend to it like it needs. gross, i know. instead of typing this, i should be doing that!

and since i love pictures, i thought i'd add one of the little BFFs!


  1. oh I loved this! loved your baby names!! I do that sometimes with nail polish too! LOL

    Kimberly's Korner

  2. We talk baby names and have only the first boy/girl name picked out! It took us 3 years to decide those so we're not choosing all of them yet!

  3. I love reading more about you girl, how fun! I love the song blessings, so wonderful!!! I paint over my toe nail polish too, bad

  4. I have a year to go in nursing school...can't come fast enough!

  5. Stumbled across your blog - I love life update/honesty posts like this!

  6. i love my camera too....i love this post, learning new things about bloggy friends! LOVES!

  7. Hey girl!
    I hope you don't mind btu I am in a blogging slump adn I am going to do this little survey on my blog!
    Hope the weather gets better in FL!!