Saturday, June 19, 2010

A little proposal story....

After reading Mrs. Little Daisy May's proposal story over @thiskindoflove, I got a little excited and wanted to join in on the fun! Come to find out, we have a very similar proposal story...You must check it out! 

It goes a little something like this.............

     So the Young's [Cliff's dads side of the family] have their annual Christmas gathering on Christmas Eve. With this tradition, the women of the family also enjoy playing "Dirty Santa" after all the other gifts have been swapped. Dirty Santa is played like the "Chinese Gift Swap" but instead with Christmas decor. After leaving my Aunt Dale's house for my families Christmas Eve tradition, Cliff & I headed out to the Young Plantation. 
[At Aunt Dale's we decorated ginger bread house and little tiny ginger bread men]
[This is not his normal smile! ha :)]

My parents and brother had planned on making a pit stop on their way home from Aunt Dale's house as well in order for Cody to swap gifts with Cliff's brother Jeffrey and what not. Little did I know, April (Cliff's Stepmom) & Mom already had this all planned out, and yes, the gift swap between Jeffrey & Cody was to take place, but the proposal as well. This year the rain had began drizzling, therefore hindering the men/children from doing their usual gathering outside. So, as we began to organize the gifts in the middle of the floor, Mr. Lawrence (April's father), decided he was going to change the rules of the game a little bit. He begins to say aloud that this year the men would be drawing the numbers from the bags AND deciding which gifts to choose for their woman. Of course, a few of the single ladies were not very happy about this decision and began to throw out comments as to what they thought of the "new" ideas. Next, Cliff puts his hand in the bag and pulls out.... #1. Me, [having no idea this was already organized to where Cliff actually already had the #1 in his pocket] begins to complain stating #1 is a bad draw for playing this particular game! So the game continues and Cliff chooses the bag of his choice. As I begin opening it, I pull out a snowman decorated welcome sign, another snowman door decoration, and at the bottom of the bag I noticed an ornament as well. 

I pull out the ornament showing it off to everyone playing the game, not even paying attention to the details the ornament consisted of.

It was a ceramic painting of a man proposing to a woman with the RING hanging from the ribbon at the bottom! As I laid the ornament down on the floor beside me, Cliff acted a little strange and picked the ornament back up and held it out in front of me, saying "Cait.......?". 

I felt my eyes grow big when I noticed the ring dangling from the ribbon and the ornament had "Cliff" written on the man and "Caitlin" written on the woman figure. 

It slowly began to become surreal, since Cliff was already down on one knee, he did his proposal and of 
course, I said "yes". :)


I never saw it coming, I was in complete shock! But so very happy :)

The End!

Now, it's YOUR turn :)


  1. Alan & AprilJune 19, 2010 at 3:28 PM

    It was so sweet!! We are all so glad that all of us was able to be there to enjoy this special time.

  2. Aww cait! That was perfect! I'm so happy for you!
    Love: Tiffany B

  3. LOVE it! Our stories are very similar! Having an ornament to remember that special day is so great :) Aren't Christmas proposals the best?!