Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wishful wednesday.

Good Morning!

I wanted to share my excitement with you all! Yesterday afternoon, my wedding planners [my mom, cousin, & mother-in-law-to-be] and I went to check out another wedding venue.

Yes, I change my mind. A lot.

But, I think the decision is in the best interest of us all.

If you haven't been following along, let me update you for just a moment.

I am planning a wedding for June 10, 2011- It's a Friday evening.

We are shooting for 7 o'clockish. 

Well, the weather down here in South Georgia at this time of year is HOTTTTT. And I mean 100+ hot. 

To be exact, June 10th of this year was 100 degrees w/ a heat index of 115 at 7 o'clock in the afternoon.

Anywho, I am obsessed with outdoor weddings and would love to have one.

My honey & I love the outdoors, from hunting, fishing, gardening, etc.

So, during this past hunting season, we were at a friends home when I discovered his awesome barn in the backyard.

My brain started churning and I was picturing our wedding ceremony/reception just the way I wanted it.

We had an old rustic barn look, we could spice it up with some hot pink satin curtains, have the ceremony out front with the white wooden chairs, lace the big oak trees on each side with white Christmas lights, have the food down the center of the barn, the loft for a few sitting tables, and then a tent set-up outside for the dance floor, cake cutting, and so on. 

this June 100+ degree weather came about.

Where the ceremony would be, there is no shade. 

My family & friends would literally melt.

So, I've reconsidered my entire train of thought. 

I began researching a few more areas.

On the way to work one morning, I saw a road sign on the street I work on.

I went home that night, researched one last place and fell in love.

Yesterday afternoon we took a stroll down to this same place to take a look.

It was perfect. 

The problems that we were questioning at our friend's barn, was taken care of at this place.

There was cemented floors and not dirt. There was bathrooms. There was a kitchen. There was a place for the girls to get dressed. There was plenty of lighting. There was a walk way. There was plenty of shade. Some outdoors fans. Plenty of beautiful flowers and scenery. 

There was a BARN. A place for a tent. It had it all. Everything I was hoping for, plus some.

This picture is off of my phone, and it doesn't give it justice. But you get the idea.

I "wish" on this wishful Wednesday, that everything will work out for the absolute best,

and that we will be able to have our ceremony & reception at this beautiful place! 

I can't wait to tell you more.


  1. I LOVE it! That will be beautiful :) I've seen lots of pictures for barn receptions and they're just gorgeous!

  2. FUN!!!!
    Very Happy for you [& Cliff]! This IS beautiful && I do think outside & a barn theme like wedding would fits you and your Hubby-to-be perfectly!

    I can't wait to read more!