Friday, June 25, 2010

will you be my bridesmaid?

Asking your close friends and family members to be a part of your wedding day is one of the first fun things you get to do at the beginning of the wedding planning process. Some can absolutely not wait to and ask immediately after the engagement, some wait a few days to make a special phone call or some sit down with a friend at dinner. Me, I like to put a little creativity into everything. So, I thought, what better way than to make them a keepsake to send thru the mail to all of my chosen girls in order to remember this one time occasion?! So this is what I did. I thumbed through my old stack of card stock for scrapbooking and found as many sheets of chocolate brown and hot pink as I could. I googled "bridesmaid poems" and printed them out on the hot pink card stock sheets.

With a little cutting here, and pasting there, this was the final product.
The girls are getting them in the mail!
I've already got phone calls & texts from my little ladies :)

Tomorrow is "Meet the Ladies". Come back to check it out!

10 cute ideas for asking friends to be a bridesmaid or maid/matron of honor:

  1. DIY Bridesmaid card: create a paper chain with the amount of bridesmaids you are asking to be in your wedding. customize each paper girl with the hairstyle of your lovely ladies. check it out in full detail by clicking here!     
  2. You can buy a Bridesmaid's Handbook and present it to her. It's filled with all the tips of a bridesmaid's duties, from speeches and toasts to how to throw a party and beauty tips.
  3.  Send your friends a Be My Bridesmaid Cookie!
Customize individual wine glasses
You can either ask your friends to dinner at a favorite restaurant &
give these out as gifts for them to open all together. 
Or, invite them over for a girl's wine night and have them open the glasses all together then.

 5.  Mail out cute individual sayings on card stock to each chick in the colors of your wedding theme.

 You can label it on the inside/back with a Tim McGraw "Check yes or no" format. Or, include the details regarding your big day: location, date & time, and maybe a picture of the bridesmaid dress you have chosen for them, or the name of the store you will be buying them from.

6. Create a "will you be my bridesmaid?" crossword puzzle card.
click here for the DIY instructions.

7.  Purchase "The Maidens" t-shirt (or another kind, of course) and drop them in the mail. Most of your girls will be local, you could even drop some by on the front porch while they aren't home. Everyone loves getting a surprise package in the mail or seeing one on the front porch.

8. Find an old picture of you & your gal pal (preferably one that could be used as black-mail). Then, create a greeting card asking your friend to be in your wedding party. 

 9. Since most of your girls are probably local again, invite them to dinner and drinks on you. 
Take a few moments to make a toast, and before toasting ask them to be your bridesmaids. 
You can all toast to one big "yes!"
10. Treat the most important ladies in your life to a group pedicure...while relaxed and enjoying each others company, express to them that only your bridesmaids deserve the utmost treatment!
They'll flip out right then and there!

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  1. So cute! My cousin actually did the paper dolls to ask us to be in her wedding :) I love them so much I hung them on the fridge!