Friday, September 10, 2010

save when you can, spend when you should.

Being a full-time nursing student, there is little room for a social life, better yet to find time for a J-O-B. Lately I've been clipping coupons every chance I can and trying to limit "eating-out" as much as possible. Not to mention, I'm planning a wedding for next June. Spending less, saving more is a must. I've come across some awesome websites that have already done the saving homework for you! Just sign up for their e-mail subscriptions and you too can join in on these great savings. I actually made an additional e-mail account solely for coupon purposes. Best decision. You get a ton of e-mails daily so it really floods your important e-mail account. As I find good deals, I'll be posting them for you too!

Type in your zip code here to see if there are any great coupons for local restaurants or services in your area. These are the coupons which also print on the back of receipts at some stores.

Speaking of local deals, don’t forget to subscribe to your local Groupon email list if it’s available in your area.

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  1. this is another good one too!