Wednesday, September 8, 2010

wedding wednesday's:

Happy Happy Hump Day!

Here is September's TheKnot checklist:

Catering: we are in the process of setting up a "taste testing" date with a local caterer.
Florists: we recently dropped off several pictures/ideas along with a variety of vases and such a local business. we should be hearing from her soon to see what she has come up with! 
Tent rental: as of YeStErDaY, we have "officially" booked our tent, tables, and chairs! 
Linens: as of late last week, we ordered our linens from CV Linens.
FYI: they have FREE ground shipping on orders over $75. We saved tons of $$$ by purchasing them ourselves rather than renting through the tent place. 

Photography: not completed.
Registry: a few months back I swung by Bed, Bath, & Beyond on the way home from work and spent hours amongst hours traveling down every.single.aisle. I have a few more places we are wanting to register at. And possibly, after we make the final decision on our honeymoon destination...we may decide to have a "honeymoon registry".
Registry Central and GiftRegistry360 are really neat websites. 
Invitations: two weeks ago, Mom and I found a really good deal on an invitation kit at A.C. Moore. We are still going to customize them to our satisfaction and according to our woodsy theme. But, we figured we could save a little bit of time doing them this way rather than completely hand-making them.


on another note. 
I took advantage of VistaPrint and their FREE deals.

Last week, I spent $11.43...solely on shipping
I received:

-140 return address labels
-1 small rubber stamp with my name & address [personalized however you'd like]
-250 personalized business cards

that's $21 in savings! ***

250 business cards= $14.99
140 return address labels= $5.99
1 small stamp= $9.74
totaling= $32.87 [plus tax but withOUT shipping]

here is a sample of what the return address labels look like!
And the customized rubber stamp:
As for the business cards,
I saw this cute idea on A Classy, Southern Bride a few weeks ago..

Thanks for the inspiration & awesome idea Christin!

I too have created a cutesy little note to attach to our favors via this FREE offer.

Next items on the checklist:
  • select cake/caterer/florist and sign contracts
  • create a guestbook
  • choose a veil
  • select dresses for the bridesmaids/junior bridesmaids/flower girl
  • book the honeymoon
  • decide on ceremony music


  1. Sounds like you've been busy! I love Vista Print...they always have such great deals!

  2. Go to they have a coupon..WOW10OFF at checkout. To qualify for this, you must register a new account (email address), so this won’t work for existing customers. The offer is valid (or supposed to be valid) until 09/16.
    I just ordered a planner for next year and just paid shipping/tax.

  3. It's coming along Cait!!! It's going to be a beautiful wedding! Sounds like you got it going on!
    - I saw where you said you booked your tent. Are you still planning to have the Barn? Or go with April & Allen's place? I know on one of your wedding posts, you were deciding with all the guests!
    Have a GREAT day! :D