Wednesday, September 1, 2010

wedding wednesday's: a guest blogger

A Follower Becomes a Blogger

As a close friend and an avid follower of Caitlin’s blog, she has volunteered me to be “guest blogger” of the week. This is my first blogging experience and I hope to not disappoint those of you that stop by each morning or afternoon to see what cute new posting she has added. :) I want to first thank Cait for allowing me to share my proposal story with all of you. She mentioned myself (Brooke) and Joe several weeks back when we first got engaged. I am also going to be standing by Cait's side as a bridesmaid on the happiest day of her life, June 10th, 2011! Caitlin and I have now known each other for approximately 2.5 years but feel as if we have been lifelong friends. She has been a blessing in mine and my family’s life. I love the quote, “The best of friendships don’t just happen. But they fall into place naturally and easily, as if they were always meant to be.” Our friendship is a gift from the Lord and something I will forever cherish. Now, let’s get into the subject of “WeDDiNg WeDnEsDaY!”

On July 14th, 2010 around 11:00am, I said “YeS” to one of the most important questions a girl will ever be asked. “Will you marry me?” finally came out of the mouth of my future hubby, Joedee. After dating for almost 4 years, it was no surprise that rings, proposals, and weddings were on the brain and had been for quite some time. We had been looking at rings for a while but seriously began looking at the beginning of the year. As the months went by, I waited and waited and wasn’t very patient waiting might I add. :) May rolled around and I was a bit disappointed that it still hadn’t happened but I was CERTAIN that it would happen this summer, if I had to force him to do it! Just kidding, ha! I moved home for the summer and each day I woke up with the thought, “today will be the day!” but it never was. June came and Joe had planned a weekend in Atlanta for the two of us. Hmmm….perfect opportunity! Nope, didn’t happen. He had stressed to me that he would not be doing it when I expected it but I still had hope that just maybe, despite his stubbornness, he would succumb to my desires. I tried to explain that he would not be able to surprise me with a proposal due to the fact that we had been talking about it for so long, he said otherwise.

--Okay, so FINALLY we get to the proposal!-
Joedee had the day off and really wanted to go fishing at Paradise Lakes in Tifton. This is a PFA and has about 30 different ponds. We were up around 5:45am and headed to Tifton by 6:30. I, of course, am wearing no make-up, running shorts, and an oversized t-shirt. I thought that not in a million years was the proposal happening on the morning we go fishing. We stop and get a bag of ice and pull into "Paradise" around 7:15 and put the boat in for what I thought would be a long day of fishing, one of our favorite pastimes. It was overcast most of the morning as we slowly made our way around the pond, stopping once for 45 min to talk to an elderly man who wanted to tell us how to fish, where to fish, and what to fish with. The sun began to peak out from behind the clouds and you could tell it was going to be a beautiful day! We weren't even worried about fishing, we just talked and looked at lily pads and Joe was even picking me some of the pretty flowers that were on top of them. It never once crossed my mind that today was THE day! So around 10:30 Joe decided he wanted to go from Horseshoe 5 to Lake Patrick & have a picnic with the lunch we had packed. We loaded up the boat and headed down the dirtroads to the other pond. He pulled over in the shade where there was a nice breeze blowing & we had a wonderful view of the huge pond that I thought we were going to fish. We got out of the truck, put down the tailgate & pulled out our lunch of ham sandwiches, BBQ potato chips & Cokes. As we finished up eating, Joe said that he would put on my favorite Lime Green Trick Worm (my favorite lure!) for me to fish with (I had been asking him to do it all morning). He pulled out one tackle box and I sat and watched him dig to find them. He found the pink ones but I insisted that we use GREEN. Which he must have known I would do because he then hands me another tackle box and tells me to look for them in it as he looks through his third tackle box. The first thing I see when I open the box are the Lime Green Trick Worms. I pick them up and hand them to him. I look back down to see if there is anything else I want to fish with & THERE IS THE RING BOX! I look at him with my eyes huge & ask "what is that?!?" even though I already knew! He then picks up the box, opens it, and proceeds to ask if I am certain I want to spend the rest of my life with him, mushy stuff about his feelings for me, and then THE question!! Of course I say YES & am so happy I think my heart is about to pound out of my chest! We sat around being captured in the moment for another 30 minutes then decide we must start the calling to tell everyone! I couldn’t have asked for anything better or more perfect. Joedee later informed me that he purchased the ring back in March; however, he had been waiting for the right time. July 14th, 2010 was absolutely the right time.

My beautiful ring
The two of us before a small engagement party thrown by a close friend
One of the many engagement photos my mom will take


  1. I loved reading the proposal story over again! What a perfect day it turned out to be! Thanks for being my "guest" blogger. I owe ya :)

  2. Great Story! He did good! LOVE your ring! Does Brooke have a blog Caitlin?