Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wedding wednesday's: bridal show #2

{1: mission accomplished} After much thought and contemplation regarding wedding photographers, I had my mind set that we needed to book and sign a contract right away. Time was flying by and before we knew it our date would be be booked...and my heart would be broken. According to our The Knot Wedding Budget Tool, we are budgeted at $2,400 total for photography/videography. With that said, we tossed around the videographer idea and decided that it wasn't of utmost importance to have that done professionally when we would only pull it out probably twice in our whole lifetime together. So, we are looking at $2400 total for photography only.

Are ya following me?

Ok, so Sunday we attended the 2nd Bridal Show in our region for the year. Going in with high hopes of finding and booking a photographer! Not only is this one thing to check off the list, but the majority of vendors at the show give great discounts if you book with them right then and there.

{Here is a fun snapshot taken by one of the photography vendors- Fox Fotography}

Soo, upon further contemplation and visiting every photography vendor at the expo... we sat down at a table to discuss our options. Without further ado, we came to the conclusion to go ahead and book the date, get the 25% discount, and pay a couple hundred down.

Our package consists of: 
  • up to 11 hours of coverage
  • access to online proofing website within two weeks, as well as a free 8x10 pressed proof catalog of all images for us to keep.
  • 70 edited images on disk, with rights & uploaded onto digital frame
  • $200 credit toward any album or prints
  • 1 11x14, 1 8x10, 2 5x7, 2 4x6 prints of our choice.
  • free bridal portrait session with complimentary edited DVD of all images & rights, as well as 1 8x10, and 2 5x7 prints.
Originally this package was priced at $2600, but since we get the discount because we booked it the day of the expo, we are only paying $2100! I love finding great deals under budget! :)

Here are a few snapshots of her work:

I think we will be overwhelmed with joy & satisfaction with her artistic style ♥

{2: bargains at Micheal's}  After the Bridal Show Sunday, we swung by Michael's and picked up a few things we needed to help us get started on doing some DIY wedding stuff. Here are some of the things I walked out with:
  • Elmer's Foam Board's were buy one [$2.99], get one free= 4 boards, $6 

  • 8 Initialized note cards/envelopes [$1]- 2 packs= $2   

  • Three clearance frames "sold as is": 
{1} White 10x10in, matted to 5x5in [$2]

{2} Black 8x10 wood trimmed frame matted to 5x7in [$1.75]

{3} Brown plastic frame [$1.50]

I'm going to spray-paint the first two frames brown & use them in conjunction with the wedding. I'm thinking either: as a "menu" on the candy table & a sign by the guest book explaining how it works.  

 {3: to see or not to see?} The Savannah Wedding Planner had a good topic of conversation posted on their blog yesterday. In today's era, "tradition" is being tossed out the window left and right. I would like to keep the "traditional" idea of not seeing each other prior to the wedding. However, due to the lack of time in between the ceremony and cocktail hour, I'm afraid we won't get our pictures done in time, therefore leaving our guests frantically waiting for our arrival to the reception in order to get the party started. According to our venue's policy, the city ordinance requires the music level to be turned down by 11 o'clock. If our ceremony begins at 7, lasts approximately 30 minutes, we take pictures for an hour before returning, that leaves us with only 2.5 hours to enjoy the reception with our guests. In other words, time is limited. Should we see each other prior to the ceremony and take the majority of our pictures then? I don't want to regret not having numerous pictures of the two of us together on this one special day. 

This is off of the Savannah Wedding Planner's site, "I say this to all of my couples all the time: I feel that the pictures you two take together are some of the most important aspects of your wedding. I loved my wedding photographer but we have only a few pictures of Tim and I together due too much going on and lack of time. It is one of my biggest regrets at my wedding that we didn't do more or have this moment. (that is a different blog post for a different day!)".

Give me your input!
Ohh decisions, decisions, decisions! 


  1. I don't see a problem with seeing each other before the weeding. What my sister did and which I thought was really neat was they had "their moment" before the wedding. Which consisted of, him being turned around until she got to him, so he didn't acutally see her walk down the isle. The photographers were there to capture everything. His reaction when he turned around, their first hug together - it was so sweet and very emotionally for all of us. We just watched from a window in the back room. Maybe that could be an idea for ya'll to do.
    Love the picture at the end!! :)

  2. We didn't have a videographer either!

    Your photographer looks like she does great work!

    We weren't planning on seeing each other but at the last minute we decided too and it was the best decision! That one on one time was so special and the photographers captured so many great shots of us seeing each other for the first time on our special day! It also was great for time management :)

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. LOVE your photographer!!! LOVE her work!!!
    As far as not seeing each other, Hmmmm....
    I wouldn't want to see my Groom before hand, but if it came down to it, in your situation definitely take pictures before hand. All this money, all this work... when it comes down to it, it's ALL about you and CLiff. You're getting MARRIED.. that's ALLL that matters. Definitely take as MANY pictures as you can with him. :D LOVE LOVE LOVE Erin's idea! You can still have the reaction of Cliff's face [my favorite part of a wedding ceremony] by doing something spunky and creative! :D It's your wedding. Traditional or not, it's all about you and Him Caitlin! I'm so excited for you!!!

  4. That photographer takes some great pictures! And that is awesome that you guys got such a great discount!!! We also decided against a videographer at our wedding and I am so happy that we did- it is an unnecessary expense and like you said you will never watch the video. BUT my stepmom did have a camcorder with her and she did tape us exchanging our vows and our first dance together- so its nice having those for FREE!

  5. Going back on my "hunting clothes" post - D does wash with the scent free bar of soap and I've already been "talked to" that IF (big if) I go with him this year that I have to follow all those rules too. Maybe I just don't understand it, but you go to all this work to kill a little inncent deer. lol :)
    Let me know if you have better luch this year!

  6. That photographer's work looks just like it will go perfectly with your taste and theme-so exciting! Good for you on all your good deals! Love it!! xoxoxo

  7. Hi :) New here! Found you through Caitrin's blog!

    The photographer you've chosen looks really awesome. Looks like you got a great discount also!

    I'm getting married in May and we decided to see each other before the ceremony for pictures. For us it made the most sense. We'll have a "first look" where it'll just be the two of us and he'll be turned around until I tap him on the shoulder and that will be us seeing each other for the first time.

    We did decide to hire a videographer. I was dead set against it until I saw our friends video and loved it. Then I started to think about all of the things we will miss on our wedding day due to distractions and decided it wasn't an option for us NOT to have it. When my niece started asking my sister questions about her wedding I thought about how awesome it will be for our future babes to see our wedding video too.

    You have to plan with in your means though. I had to sacrifice other things in order for us to have video and be able to afford it - like our honeymoon. We decided not to go on a big honeymoon in order to have video but it's a decision that I'm confident was best for us.

    Good luck with the planning! I look forward to reading more about it :)

  8. your pictures will be gorgeous!!! we had hubs best man video tape our wedding (have you seen Love Actually? I stole the idea from that movie) and I LOVE how it turned out!

  9. We did photos before the wedding. It was the best idea ever! We cleared out the church sanctuary and made everyone leave. I walked down the isle and Sean was standing at the front like he would be during the wedding. We got to talk and laugh and hug and talk about how nervous we were..he made me feel so much better. Our photographer got some AWESOME photos of our faces and expressions and it was a time on our wedding day that we got to spend alone together and talk about our day, which probably wouldn't have happened if we did the photos after. I say DO IT!!!