Friday, February 11, 2011

bathroom mirror makeover

Everything in our master bathroom is white, tan, or brown... that is was, besides this old BLACK framed mirror.

Little Bella decided one of the corners was a chew toy after a long, boring day being stuck home alone.

I began by taping over the mirror with old newspaper.

{Please excuse our 1925 styled rug. Our living room is under major reconstruction and it covers up the HUGE stain on the original carpet. Plus, with all the tracking in and out the back door, it is the recipient of all of our muddy shoes. :)}

Next I took it on the back porch, laid down more newspaper and went to spray painting.

 {again, normally...the door knob isn't usually covered with tape, nor do we have two-toned carpet and a massive white splotch on our lightly pinkish walls...hehe- I can not wait for this living room project to be FINISHED}

I used Krylon Fusion White ~$4.79

Once dry, I used some scrap twine {that I also used for this project} to make the flowery swirl & hanging loop.

To cover up Miss Bella's damage, I wrapped twine in a small tight circle until the desired size was needed. I hot glued the back of the flower and stuck it in place on the right corner.

To hang, I simply cut a portion of twine, flipped over the mirror and hot glued both ends down.

Stuck a hercules hook in the wall..

And....drum roll please....



  1. What a cute mirror makeover! Great job.

  2. girl you are sooo talented! I love how you used the flower twine to cover up your little puppies chew area hahahah that is so clever! I love the look of the mirror so rustic looking and fabulous!! I love's my best friend haha thanks for sharing girl