Thursday, February 10, 2011

DIY: twine vases

For the reception, we have rented a 40x80 tent, 24 round tables, blah blah blah.

We've been collecting wine bottles, mason jars, clear vases, 40 oz. beer bottles, etc. for our centerpieces for over a year or so now.


Take a look at the spare bedroom wedding room.

We are working on decluttering! All those mason jars on the left side, are finished being decorated and are stored and labeled in their own storage containers.

Anyhoo, we bought a few fresh daisies a while back and was playing around with the different vases trying to figure out the perfect centerpiece set-up.

Something was missing.

As you may have figured out by now, I'm a mini craftaholic. 
So as I'm browsing some of the craft blogs I follow daily, I ran across this cute DIY tutorial about an old carnival cruise line cup.

It sparked my interest and got my little wheels-a-turning.

After a few days, I thought of the perfect project for those old fishbowl vases.

What you need:
  • roll of twine
  • vase
  • glue gun/glue sticks
Start out by flipping your vase over and hot gluing around the base.

Continue circling the vase and waa-la. 

You have this!

For home decor, I want to make some of these precious twine balls too!

I think these new vases will add that rustic touch we were missing previously.

I'm in love with the way they turned out!

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    1. I love the way they turned out too! just what they needed.

    2. Love it!! Also love how you are using mason jars for your wedding. Such a big fan of them!!

    3. [I tried to comment yesterday, but my computer was being dumb]

      LOVE your craftiness & the twine vases! It makes a HUGH difference!!

    4. I love it!! You are so creative and it looks fabulous! We had a room that looked that way, too, before our wedding. Imagine trying to haul all of that 6 hours away for a destination wedding. All of the family Suburbans had to take some stuff lol. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo