Tuesday, February 8, 2011

going back blonde.

For the wedding, I am considering going back blonde. 
I want to pull off the side bun with flowers {that match my dress}, so I'm also considering chopping off a few inches..(soon).

Maybe something like this for the wedding?
Remember, it's in June, outdoors, in Georgia, with big dress on...

Or this?

This is kinda cute too.

Love this one!

I haven't been completely blonde since high school.

This was me then:
Don't laugh, I know some are hideous.

Ok, so as I'm trying to download some more pictures...I get the error message saying "You have reached 100% on your 1GB storage space". Underneath, there's the option to "purchase more space".
Really? I didn't even know there was such.

Did you all have to do this?

Is there any way to get around it or do I honestly have to purchase more? I didn't even read into it before I hit exit. Oops!


  1. This hasn't happened to me but to my niece and she did have to purchase more space. I love your hair blonde and I like the hair style with the braid.

  2. I have not had that happen yet. Let us know if you purchase more space or find a way out of it.

    Love the blonde. I was blonde for the wedding and then went dark brown for our 1 year anniversary. It was so fun and keeps Cowboy on his toes ; )

  3. I love those side bun hair ideas!

  4. I LOVE BLONDE PERIOD! Do it! You look amazing any color. [I REALLY like the color it is now, very natural]I even like brown on you, but not for the wedding! :) Do it! I swear we are secret sisters... I just went blonder last night! Blondes are awesome!

    I SOOOO figured your hair would've been down since it's so long. Do the bun! I like.. ALOT! I'm wearing my hair up as well, just not sure how yet! LOVE the first bun!

    Last thing, funny you say "chop off" because I'm considering chopping it all off the day after the wedding before the honeymoon!
    I tell ya... We are too alike! :) That's a good thing!

  5. HELLOOOOO LOOK HOW YOU CAN PULL OFF BOTH DARK AND LIGHT HAIR. gorgeous either way. i liked the first hair style best.....audrina's

  6. I love you with either hair color, but my personal fave is in your engagement pics-it looks gorgeous there! And I love all three of the inspiration pictures. I really love the braid. xoxo

  7. I love your hair blonde and I totally love the Audrina Patridge updo and the Carrie Underwood updo is my fav.......you will rock it go blonde do the Carrie Underwood and rock the night away!! PS I am lovin' your pink flower flip flops I have a pair hahahahha

  8. Funny, I used those EXACT two photos to show my hairdresser what I wanted for my wedding back in Oct!! Try to think about what you will make you feel most like a bride- blonde or brunette? How do you picture yourself as a bride? I'm a blonde myself, so that's my vote. :)