Monday, January 3, 2011

Cliff's birthday gathering

Yesterday afternoon was spent cooking, shooting skeets, playing cornhole and spending a little quality time between the two of our families.

For dinner we had quite a variety to choose from.. Dad and I grilled Bubba Burgers and pork steaks while Mom prepared Cliff's favorite cheesy chicken casserole.

Cliff's not much of a "sweets" kind of person. He said he'd take a strawberry cheesecake rather than a regular "birthday cake" so that's just what he got.

Poor thing couldn't keep his eyes open due to the bright flash.

I had ordered him a coyote decoy prior to Christmas but it never came in in time, so I used it as one of his birthday gifts :) 

My Aunt Kim & Uncle Noah joked that they were somewhat "slim" on funds this year, therefore they were having to use generic brands.

This is her idea of a generic birthday card.

It was cute!

Cornhole in the shop has been a hit every night this past week.

My brother, Cody and Cliff's brother, Jeffrey.

And now, for the big birthday reveal...

A German Shorthaired female puppy!

We went by and let him pick out which one he wanted this afternoon.

If we're not mistaken, we think it's the one in the center of the picture with the small brown spot near its tail.

She's actually the runt of the litter.

Cliff said he had been thinking about dog names early last week so when I asked him he immediately spit out "Isabella". 


We shall call her "Bella"!


  1. What a fun birthday! How cute are those puppies?!

  2. Love the names and they look precious!!!

  3. Aww Happy Birthday Cliff! Looks like y'all had a blast :) Hope you have a blessed week! Happy New Year! xoxo

  4. Those puppies are sooo cute :) That casserole and cheesecake look to die mouth is watering! AND I love to play cornhole!!!