Wednesday, January 5, 2011

wedding wednesday's

156 Days to go!
 Wow, time is certainly flying by!

  • Catering: We have chosen a local caterer that we know personally. At the moment, we are still tossing around exactly which foods we want to serve, but know for certain it will consist of light appetizers & such.
  • Honeymoon: My FMIL is handling this portion.
  • Bridesmaids dresses: I think I have finally found the perfect dress that fits the theme to a T! We ordered a sample dress and passed it around for the majority of the girls to try on. We will order for the remainder of the girls sometime within the next two weeks!
  • Ceremony musicians: We officially booked that ToDaY! Now, we just have to set up a meeting to discuss which songs we wish to be played.
  • Rehearsal dinner: We've booked the rehearsal dinner location as of last week. At the moment, we are trying to determine whether or not we are going to go with the catering company the venue provides or not.
  • Invitations: Since most of the wedding is DIY, we are definitely going to hand-make the invitations. We've purchased all of the materials needed, now just need to discuss invitation wording and begin putting them together.
  • Wedding insurance..?? Really?? I never even knew this existed. How crazy! ..No, we do not have this.

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  1. Yay for checking things off the wedding list!!