Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Eve Recap

Not sure if anyone has noticed or not, but my photos lately have a colorful and sharper look to them.
Mr. C gets all the credit for this one.
For Christmas, I received a Nikon D3100 :)

I had no idea what he was getting me, nor did I even think about it being a super nice camera!
I had mentioned it a while back, but it never once crossed my mind that I would be getting it soo soon!
Ohh, and did I mention he also bought me a zoom lens, camera bag, and all accessories to go along with it? 
Yes, he did!

I love photography. Everything about it. 
You will find a lot of random photos on here, both past and present.
I like to capture everything.
Details are what we often forget.

Anywho, all of that was to give a heads up regarding the next few photos.
As you all know, both of our families are born and bred hunters.
I love anything and everything having to deal with the outdoors and nature in general.
New Year's Eve was spent at the hunting club with the guys. 
Although there wasn't much running & gunning Friday, I did get to test out my new camera.

Cam sat down in an ant bed ;)

Cliff and I had to do a few things beforehand, so we drove the "Yota" over to the club and brought Jasmine along for the ride {who is completely gun shy by the way}.

One of Cody's beagles, Jet.


New Year's Night was spent at non-other than...the clubhouse.

Since I tried out my new gift all day, Cliff decided to bring out his new keg grill I gave him for Christmas {compliments of my grandpa who made it!}.

We grilled buffalo wings,

Ate oysters,

Warmed up by the fire, 
And, you guessed it... played cornhole.


  1. What a great Christmas present!

    Love the pictures of Jasmine!

  2. That dog is precious!! And what an awesome Christmas gift! :)

  3. LOVE the pictures Caitlin && Kudos to Cliff for a great Christmas present!
    I wish Aaron trusted me enough with good quality items. I've broken or lost every camera Aaron has bought me. [4]
    I have horrible luck with Cameras!

  4. I've never seen a keg grill before -- how cool!

  5. i love that camera! i wish i had gotten one, haha. have fun with it!

  6. That's an awesome gift, what a lucky girl you are! :)

    Love the gift you got him too, what a crafty grandpa you have. :)