Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wedding wednesday: 5 month update

First off, let me just say I passed that horrid clinical calculations test.
The second time was a charm!

Now to wedding plans..

♥ Our wedding coordinator meeting this past Monday went well! She is incredibly knowledgeable & crafty in this field and I can't wait to see how our ideas will turn out. Speaking of her, we have another meeting scheduled for this coming up Sunday. We are picking her up and driving over to our venue to show her around & explain the plans we have set thus far. From there, we are venturing over to Mom's house {where all of our wedding junk items are stored} to plunder through and show her what we have purchased & discuss what needs to happen from here.

Catering: I think we may have decided to opt out for hor d'oeuvres and instead go for a sit down meal. Since our theme is rustic charm with southern accents, we are considering chicken or pork of some kind to accentuate.

Tuxedos: It's about that time to start ordering tuxedos for the groomsmen, ushers, ringbearer, and the groom himself.
I'm not sure if you remember this post, but this is the color  tux we are going with.

We will be ordering these the beginning of Feburary.

Save-the-Dates: We are hoping to see these in the mail before Friday :)

♥ Favors: Weekend before last, some of the women and I spent a Sunday afternoon working on these. We still have a few more weekends before they will be complete, however. Let me just say that we have more than 1 "favor"..? hehehee, it's a surprise!

♥ Bridal Showers: I've had a few family members, members of our church, and close friends parents contacting me asking to throw a shower for Cliff and I. We are trying to sort out details, themes, and dates at the moment, but things are about to start getting pretty busy! We are soo thankful for everyone who has offered & are soo blessed to have these special people in our lives :)

Also for all of you newly engaged or soon-to-be wed, Jessica's coupons has posted a link to a free 1 year subscription to Bridal Guide magazine. Only while supplies last, so ya better hurry!

Have a good one!


  1. Congrats on passing your test!

    You sound like you'll be busy for a least you'll be having fun!

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  3. Love, love the tuxedos you guys have picked! You are getting closer and closer to the big day and I cant wait to see everything start to come together!