Thursday, January 13, 2011

meet Bella.

Yea, ok, so I told a white lie.
I apologize.
I told you all several days ago that I would be posting pictures of our sweet, new addition Bella.
What day was it, Sunday? Yaa. I know. Slacker, right?
Well, I've finally uploaded them to my computer today and I can actually share the whole story.

I wasn't able to mention last week the fact that not only did I get Cliff a GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer pup), but also my Mom, bought my Dad one for their upcoming anniversary {tomorrow the 14th}.

I don't think Dad reads my blog, but I'm sure someone else around town would've read it and mentioned it to him before he even knew that he was getting it!

Anywho, Friday the 10th was the day we were able to pick them up.
There were two girls left, so we brought my Brother along to help Mama decide which one Dad would like.

They were ALL sooo stinkin' cute.

This is the Mom, Georgia.

And the Dad, Rider.. (I think?)
After choosing the pup, we all piled up in Mom's car and took them to Dad's office for the big surprise.

He was SoOo happy!

After a few days, he finally decided to name her "Dixie".


Saturday we had to take Bella along hunting with us because no-one would be home to let her out to use the bathroom every few hours.

She had a ball... that is, when she wasn't sleeping.


Potty training is going well so far.
However, she is 7 weeks old and wants to chew on e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.
Today I caught her chewing on my new cell phone charger.... it's inoperable now. 
I have several chew toys laying around the house, but she still manages to grab everything from cords to shoes to her own puppy pads.

Problem #2: Snapping.
Her mouth honestly looks like a little cobra when she does it. 
I can't count the times she has came pouncing up on me and snapped at my face. 
I pop her gently on her nose every time and tell her "NO" firmly. 

Any suggestions on how to break her from chewing on everything in the house and snapping?!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I am in love!!! Cutest puppy ever, hands down

  2. Adorable!! You can buy some stuff at the Pet store that is called "bitter apple." It is supposed to taste bitter (hense the name) to the animals, so when they chew it tastes gross and won't come back. That seemed to work the best, but we have also tried hot sauce and vinegar

  3. she is so cute! good luck with her!

  4. new follower look forward to reading more!! Love the puppy sooo cute, we have wymer rymers kinda a similar breed..

  5. Caitlin, I've never seen a dog with that color/hair. They are beautiful. Bella is so cute! I love the pictures when she's chewing on things. :) Good Luck!