Monday, January 17, 2011

monday blues.

So this past weekend ended the long awaited for, 3 solid months of deer hunting season that we get in the state of GA. It's always such a depressing time for us. I'm not sure whether it's due to the fact that we now have several months of free Saturday's with nothing to do, we won't get to have the every weekend friendly fellowship, or just the thought of not being able to run and gun outdoors in general...?

Regardless, it always seems soo gloomy when it finally comes to an end.

Speaking of gloomy, the weather today looks like this around our neck of the woods:


Which calls for a well spent day indoors!

monday blues reason #3.....
school starts back tomorrow.

In some sense, it's actually somewhat rewarding to say that due to the fact that this is the start to my LAST semester of college!

Come May, I will be a 4-year College Nursing Graduate and upon taking my state boards will be a Registered Nurse before too long thereafter!

My day starts off tomorrow at 8am with non-other than a.......TEST.

Yes, you're right.
You're probably thinking, huh?
How is that possible? Her first day of class is tomorrow and she already has a test at 8am? 
Gosh, what time does her classes start? 12 o'clock midnight?? Geez.
How does she know what to study? Does she even know what it's over??
Yes, yes, no, no, yes, and yes.
Our test is over clinical calculations & medication administration. Prior to starting our clinical rotations, we must pass this test with a 90 or above average. We have 3 attempts to do so before we are unable to proceed with clinicals.
We have these exact tests at the beginning of every semester. 
Therefore, this will be my 4th semester taking them.
I'm hoping they will be a breeze!
Say a little prayer :)

On a happier note, I finalized and placed the order for our save-the-dates today with our photographer. 
{I'll be posting pics as soon as our guests begin to receive them in the mail- which should be sometime next week or so}.
 {just a random picture from my wedding file}

#2- We are meeting with a wedding coordinator tonight to discuss day-of wedding details. 
Her and her staff will be in charge of the following:
-Coordinating rehearsal & wedding day {telling attendants when to walk, etc.}
-Setting up table linens & centerpieces at reception
-Lighting lanterns & candles at reception
-Setting up the bride & groom's cakes after ceremony
-Setting up and restocking candy buffet items as needed
-Helping tear everything down after reception

To brighten up these dampened spirits of mine, I'll end the post with this pretty picture :)
I can't WAIT for sunshine & summertime!

Can you?!


  1. Have a great last first day of college!

    I'm getting reading for warmer weather too :)