Monday, July 5, 2010

menu plan monday

Along with getting hitched, a woman gains the title of "housewife". I can clean, do laundry, plant flowers, dust, vacuum, all of the above. But, I am not the best chef in the world. Yet, at least I show a definite interest in learning. I haven't been raised in a family that absolutely loves to cook, like some folks have. Although, I find myself becoming indulged with all types of kitchen gadgets, accessories, new recipes, etc regardless of my background. My [printed] registry from  Bed, Bath, & Beyond has a whopping 12 pages of nothing but kitchen supplies! Just saying. Since I don't have much longer before I earn the "housewife" status, I decided that I would sharpen up my "wifey" skills and make dinner every night this week for my Cliff.

[my camera died this weekend, so I won't be able to snap a few final product shots. which after all, may be a good thing. remember, I'm just starting out ;)]

Here's our menu:

monday- stew beef on white rice w/ chicken pasta

tuesday- tacos

wednesday- chicken alfredo w/ sun dried tomatoes and garlic bread

thursday- cubed deer steak, mashed potatoes, lima beans, and yellow rice

friday- Atlanta bound to dress shop!

Every woman needs a cute cooking apron to wear while she is laboring in the kitchen. Let's see yours!

This is what mine look's like [with an embroidered "C"].

$12.99 at Kirkland's. Click here to take a look!


  1. We got SO much kitchen stuff when we got married! I'm sure you'll be able to put yours to good use :) Your menu this week sounds yummy and all those aprons are super cute!

  2. hey hey! I was dropping in to see if everything worked out. I don't see your old title, but again... it could be hiding behind your header. Hopefully I helped!

    This post is adorable! I'm not married, you know this, so therefore I can't be a housewife... but I've been practicing for a while. Cooking will come to you. I have grown up with a family that LOVES to cook, but I never had to growing up. My MOm and Sister did it all, so I had to start from Scratch. I didn't get a want for it, until Aaron and I bought our old place a few years back. It takes MANY of phones calls in the middle of cooking a hellaious dinner! Now, I've got it down pat. Dinner is on the table every evening. My family would've sworn I would NEVER have taken the role of a cook. I love it. Start simple. Your menu looks GREAT! Another easy [looks fancy] and delicious meal is baked Chicken.
    Set your chicken in the sink to defrost. When ready, clean it VERY good. make sure to pull the skin back to clean. Salt and Pepper both sides [maybe a little seasoning] but salt and pepper is tasty. Put some paprika [red seasoning with NO taste] on the top just to make it look good. You don't need this, but it's nice to have.
    Bake in the over for one hour @ 350. To taste to see if its done, use a fork to poke the chicken. If the Chicken pours juice, it's not done. Cook longer until there is no juice. Then do something like Mac N cheese or Scalloped Potatoes out of the box. Aaron could eat this meal everynight. && then open a can of green beans, or make cook some broccoli.
    Broccoli - buy the fresh in bulk. put a little water in the bottom of a pot just enough to steam. Set the broccoli in the pot and cover it. Salt it a little. Depending on how you like your broc. Just test it with of fork! The Fork should be able to go in without pushing.

    I know you didn't ask, but it's easy, fun, && Cliff will like it. That is if he likes those sorts of food. You'll be a Chef in NO time. I think it's great your even thinking of this. People now-a-days don't really take the role in cooking everynight. Aaron and Both grew up with a homecooked meal on the table every night. So, I kinda had no choice. He wasn't accepting Ramen Noodles. I do && I love it!

    Your Apron - LOVE IT! I have two. I switch out from time to time! :) Always wear your apron... Your Man will Appreciate it! [Even if you mess up... You looked cute doing it] My Grandmother taught me that! :)

    Have a great day!

  3. Those aprons are so sweet :) as is your blog! Glad I found you!