Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wedding wednesdays: pink & orange wedding inspiration

Meet Meredith

A friend since the diaper era. 


We were both sent uptown to our local daycare straight out of our mommies womb.

We grew up playing softball, cheerleading, wrecking golf carts/gator's, swimming at her grandparents, having our first fight at the age of 2 when I stole her brand spankin' new Barbie jeep at her birthday party and decided to take it for a spin while she was screaming bloody murder running after me [which was all caught on tape!], camping out in our backyards, ohhhh the list goes on. 

When 6th grade rolled around, Meredith started "dating" Brandon. 

Brandon was the brother of our friend, Ashley. 
[Ashley is ENGAGED & planning her wedding for April 30, 2011]

As the years went by, Meredith & Brandon stayed strong in their relationship.

After they both graduated from High School, they became engaged & began planning their wedding for August 25th, 2009.

It was beautiful. 

Everything about it!

They will celebrate their one year anniversary in almost a month.

Take a look at their BIG day :)

These were her wedding vendors:

Thanks Mere for letting me share your pictures so other brides-to-be can find some inspiration :)

This was Meredith & I at a wedding this past weekend.

& here's a sneak peak of the newlywed's from this past weekend [April & Brandon]

They are enjoying their honeymoon in the islands of Hawaii!


  1. LOVE this! Meredith will really like this alot.
    GREAT idea!!!

    Head over to my blog, I rewarded you an award! :) Have fun!

  2. beautiful pictures! Love her red shoes!

  3. What a beautiful wedding. Love the colors.

  4. What a beautiful wedding! All the detail shots are gorgeous :) I really like your friend April's veil in the last pretty!

  5. Thank you Caitlin! This was so sweet :) And yes, we have had so many crazy and fun memories growing up! Love ya and I can't wait to celebrate your big day! I know you are going to be a beautiful bride!!!

  6. wow what a beautiful wedding! Amazing!!! I love your blog guys are super cute!

  7. wow-such beautiful weddings!! the flowers in the first one are gorgeous and i just love the lanterns! I work for Southern Bride Magazine and although I constantly see photos of weddings, I never get tired of it! =)