Saturday, July 23, 2011

10 day you challenge {ten secrets}

  1. as much as say I don't want any children right now, I really am ready and excited for them in our near future. i don't ever foresee there being a "perfect" time to plan for one. the money will never be sufficient, the time will never be right. we will just let the good Lord decide when a little "Y" will join our family.
  2.  i want to invent & patent something, sell it at wholesale costs to retailers all over the world, & make millions. don't we all?
  3.  i bring home no income from my business. with time comes profit. for now, I'll work hard to make it successful, the rest will come later.
  4.  nursing is a career. creating, crafting, and being happy and successful is a desire.
  5.  sleep is impossible without Cliff by my side.
  6.  my second toe is larger than my first. doesn't this mean I'm the "ruler of the house"? ...a-hem!
  7.  i'm terrified by roaches & will squeal loudly if one comes close.
  8.  i edit my photos in photoshop and make everyone blemish free. lately, i've had a case of the break-outs. after asking everyone why? they claim it's stress. as i was talking with a friend the other day, i stated "if this is what my face looks like now, i'm seriously worried about what it will look like ten years down the road with three children running around!" sheesh. i'm concerned. i've never had this sort of problem in my younger days, ever :( i guess it's a calling to
    "de-stress" my life..?
  9.   i'm a horrible commenter & blogger friend. please know that i read your posts & absoutely love each and every one of them! i really do! i find so much inspiration and joy from reading & looking at everyone's different lives. i get my e-mails sent to my phone & can read them while i'm driving/working, but can absolutely NOT drive and text. i don't even try. shortly after, i forget about them, days later before i remember again. it's bad. --> short-term memory loss, fa sho!
  10. i'm home alone & enjoying the quiet time catching up while cliff is hanging out with some friends playing horseshoes. he's asked me to ride over, but instead i'm seriously considering spending the evening sitting right here & enjoying a nice glass, or two, of wine. as soon as he gets home, he wants the computer out of my lap & for me to be snuggled up close to him while he falls asleep. tonight, it's just me & you all!

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  1. are you just doing this challenge? is it a link up to another blog?

    Kimberly's Korner