Tuesday, July 12, 2011

new blog name&header.

well, whadda ya think?

i woke up this morning with a sense of inspiration & creativity streaming through my blood.

i popped open the computer & started browsing blogs for blog header ideas & names.

i went back to the post where you all had left me wonderful feedback with some creative names & ideas.

i googled "blog name ideas". how generic, right?

well, i stumbled over this here site.

i found myself clicking "hit me again" over and over.

some were a little random..

ALOT were a little french...

some were a bit proper...

several were rather hilarious...

and some hit just the right spot...

and wa-la! that was it.

i now introduce to you...

{a country nest}


[blog header created by me via picasa/coreldrawx5.]


  1. Love the new header and the name!!!

  2. i LOVE it!!! It's describes your life[style] down to a tee &&& something you can keep through life's growing stages! [Kiddos, YAY!]
    And I love your header♥ That picture with your heads cut off is priceless. Did you create this yourself? If so, how?

  3. Love the new name and header...too cute!

  4. Love it perfect! Love the pics too!

  5. How adorable! I love it! Perfect for your blog. :)

  6. Love it! I want to see more wedding pictures!

    Kimberly's Korner