Monday, July 18, 2011


Back in the day, I should've been diagnosed with A.D.D.
I can not keep my mind focused on one thing for any specfic amount of time.
It goes to show with my list of projects I have scattered about the house.

Take this for example.

Project #1:
This is a hutch that goes to a desk we bought from the Auction to use at the local Christmas parades in our booth last year. Now that we have a storefront, we use the desk portion, but not the hutch.
Whenever we finally decide to paint and finish up the remainder of the house, this will go in my craft room.
Lowes had a gallon of bright yellow paint for $10 when I dropped in last week.
I had to buy it.

Thursday night I painted one coat.
Today, it is still sitting on my back porch...with one coat...newspaper flying around underneath...unfinished.

Project #2

My grandpa gave me this old window a few months back. I used it as a peice of rustic decor at our wedding and now plan to use it in our bedroom.
I want to refinish it, nail up a shelf, & prop this baby up on it above our headboard.

Project #3

After I get my window up & situated, I want to add this little wooden "Y" wrapped with twine in one of the bottom corners.

This project = DONE

Project #4

I posted a tutorial link here & here a few weeks ago regarding the YoYo Florettes.
Well, I found this cut & stitch fabric at a local craft store and in my spare time I've been hand stitching these lovelies!

86 total.
I've got 84 to go.

Available on my etsy site, here.

Project #5

Resin Applied Floral Jewelry

For the past two weeks, this has been my steady project.
I am attempting to create numerous earrings, necklaces, and ring sets to showcase in my store.
These are my new obsession.
Beautiful vintage-inspired style & perfect addition to any outfit.

Available in my etsy site, here.

Can you tell my brain is scattered?
I'm easily inspired & quick to hop on board the next crafting adventure before my previous creation is complete.
These are just a handful of my spontaneous crafts lying around our home at this time.

Crazy, crazy girl.

{dress: social statesboro, burlap broach: A3Sisters, necklace: embellish boutique, ring: embellish boutique}

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  1. I have several projects that I have started but not completed haha! I am going to ... I swear lol
    I'm a new follower -- you are just too cute! I'm loving your blog and so glad I found you
    PS: congratulations on your recent nuptials